Middlesbrough City Guide Including Middlesbrough Hotels

Middlesbrough City Guide Including Middlesbrough Hotels


Middlesbrough is​ situated on the south bank of​ the River Tees. it​ has a​ long industrial heritage with the coal and iron industries using the river to​ transport materials, and the shipyards based on the River Tees. The factories and processing plants are still there today. it​ also has four shopping centres and all the facilities you would expect with a​ population of​ about 200,000.

Places of​ interest:

Middlesbrough is​ famous for being the birth place of​ Captain Cook and celebrates this with an​ award winning museum. Other museums relating to​ Middlesbrough’s history sit comfortably alongside art galleries and the unique Nature’s World to​ give visitors a​ wide selection of​ places to​ visit. There is​ also the Middlesbrough Theatre, an​ Art Gallery, and a​ multiplex cinema at​ Teeside Park.

Nature's World is​ a​ unique visitor attraction, extending to​ over 25 acres, provides a​ model for a​ balanced and sustainable future. Attractions include a​ traditional composting and organic gardens, a​ 400m long working River Tees model and a​ futuristic eco-structure and hydroponicum.

Captain Cook's Birthplace Museum is​ close to​ where he was born in​ 1728. it​ is​ an​ award winning museum showing the life of​ Captain James Cook and his voyages of​ discovery. it​ also houses interactive displays and exciting audio-visual presentations, hands-on experiences, exhibition area, café and gift shop.

Transporter Bridge Visitor Centre shows Middlesbrough's Industrial Heritage and the history of​ this unique bridge. The bridge, opened in​ 1911, has a​ middle that acts as​ a​ ferry across the Tees.

Dorman Museum is​ a​ refurbished museum displaying the history of​ Middlesbrough from the 19th century, a​ collection of​ Middlesbrough and Linthorpe pottery, exhibitions, discovery centre, and cafe.

Middlesbrough Art Gallery combines an​ art gallery with exhibitions by local artists.

Things to​ do:

Middlesbrough offers an​ exciting choice of​ activities for visitors on day trips or​ short breaks. Fast gaining a​ reputation for innovation - it​ is​ witnessing a​ retail explosion with a​ myriad of​ designer shopping and fashionable boutiques, as​ well as​ retaining the traditional English high street names. in​ 2018 the town hosted numerous major exciting events - from the multi cultural Mela to​ the world renowned Tall Ships race.

During the day, Middlesbrough is​ alive with activity. From the wide open walkways of​ our four shopping malls to​ the more traditional shop fronts of​ Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough blends familiar high street names with the excitement of​ designer labels and the tradition of​ covered markets.

The Captain Cook country tour takes in​ the magnificent scenery of​ the North Yorkshire moors and coastline, Middlesbrough being the first port of​ call in​ this 70 mile tour.

Premiership Middlesbrough Football Club offers regular action at​ the Riverside stadium to​ lovers of​ the beautiful game. Die hard fans can get a​ glimpse behind the scenes on a​ stadium tour.

Newham Grange Leisure Farm visitor centre tells the story of​ the farm from the 17th century to​ the present day. The farm also has a​ 19th century veterinary surgery which gives the visitor an​ opportunity to​ see some of​ the medicines and equipment used in​ the 1890s.

Food & Drink:

Middlesbrough’s restaurants feel passionate about quality food and service. Equipped with most of​ the essential cuisines to​ titillate any taste bud, the area continues to​ evolve in​ culinary terms thus developing into a​ real multicultural centre for food. a​ host of​ pubs in​ and around the town centre do a​ great line in​ food and drink, and many now put on their own entertainment as​ well.

Etsuko Japanese and Oriental Restaurant is​ unique to​ Middlesbrough, serving a​ vast choice of​ freshly cooked oriental dishes. it​ has a​ semi open kitchen that adds to​ the overall contemporary feel of​ the restaurant, where the layout lends itself to​ a​ very sociable and distinctly oriental dining experience and atmosphere.

La Terrasse restaurant has a​ Parisian theme, with an​ emphasis on quality seafood dishes. The restaurant has an​ award for the quality and standard of​ cuisine and service. The cosmopolitan style brasserie serves tempting traditional food with a​ local perspective alongside the ever-popular carvery.

The White Room exudes a​ calming and relaxing atmosphere – the perfect conditions for an​ enjoyable meal for two or​ for a​ special group occasion. The spacious and unusually designed room is​ the ideal place to​ enjoy a​ glass of​ wine and fine food.

Hardwick's is​ open for Sunday lunch and the weekly menu changes every three weeks, giving diners a​ wide variety of​ choice. Dedicated to​ Gentleman George Hardwick, ex-Middlesbrough FC player, this restaurant is​ adorned with photographs of​ George in​ his playing days.

Nando's prides itself on excellent value for money and traditional Portuguese hospitality. The speciality is​ the succulent, Portuguese flame grilled, Peri- Peri chicken served in​ a​ fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Hotels & Accommodation:

Middlesbrough offers a​ range of​ visitor accommodation to​ suit all tastes and budgets. Available accommodation ranges from three and four star hotels to​ cosy guest houses and bed & breakfasts.

Hotel Baltimore
Wainstones Hotel
Highfield Hotel
Thistle Middlesbrough


The town has a​ range of​ entertainment venues and attractions to​ suit all tastes and interests. in​ Middlesbrough you can choose from more than 20 cinema screens, a​ leading provincial theatre and sophisticated restaurants offering a​ mouth-watering variety of​ cuisine. There's plenty of​ other activities to​ choose from - bowling to​ bingo, classical concerts to​ disco.

Middlesbrough Theatre, formerly called Middlesbrough Little Theatre, puts on shows of​ all genres for all generations performed by local and touring casts.

The Purple Onion is​ the top venue in​ the Tees Valley, combining superb food in​ the restaurant with Jazz, Blues and Disco in​ The Cellar for people of​ all ages.

Sassari Continental Cafe Restaurant is​ open all day specialising in​ authentic Italian food using only the best fresh ingredients and in​ the evening the upstairs function room hosts theme nights, DJ nights & live bands.

A multiplex cinema at​ Teeside Park offers a​ selection of​ the latest films.

With a​ huge selection of​ places to​ stay, things to​ do and excellent restaurants and bistros - Middlesbrough is​ a​ great choice for a​ short break!

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