Microsoft Dynamics Crm Customization Or Third Party Product Overview For Consultant

Microsoft Dynamics Crm Customization Or Third Party Product Overview
For Consultant

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization or​ Third Party Product – overview for​ Consultant
With version 3.0 MS CRM will be more exposed to​ end-user tuning, software development, customizations .​
Microsoft CRM SDK is​ becoming more sophisticated with post-call-out technology reconsidering, deprecating a​ lot of​ 1.2 CRM SDK methods, replacing Crystal Reports Enterprise with MS SQL Server Reporting Services, changing MS CRM Exchange Connector functionality, etc .​
Microsoft itself has to​ be very flexible and​ freed up to​ change/adjust development standards if​ required .​
In such situation end customer should be very knowledgeable and​ savvy to​ predict the​ future, when he needs to​ deploy custom solutions/modules .​
In this small article we will consider pros and​ contras of​ deploying third parties or​ just go ahead with customer specific unique customization.
Third Party Product.
• Pros: the​ cost is​ normally controllable, because product is​ already developed and​ ready to​ be implemented .​
Plus it​ is​ possible to​ get references on the​ reliability of​ the​ product from all the​ kinds of​ user groups, product reviews, etc .​
Also – sometimes it​ is​ referred as​ weakness but it​ might be considered as​ the​ plus – if​ product is​ developed and​ supported by the​ known vendor – you should believe that it​ will be upgraded and​ available for​ future MS CRM releases .​
• Contras .​
the​ first minus we would like to​ mention is​ usually not described in​ the​ textbooks – this is​ the​ problem when, say product a​ is​ purchased by Microsoft itself and​ inaugurated as​ from now on ‘official’ solutions, and​ if​ you historically selected product B – coming from the​ competitor – you are in​ a​ problem – you will see you software vendor to​ be weakened and​ slowly phasing out alternative product B
Unique Customization.
• Pros .​
You will have so-called source code, if​ you negotiate it​ right with the​ custom developer or​ custom development company – then you can transfer version upgrade or​ product modification to​ the​ market leader (who will be giving you better price and​ quality assurance in​ the​ future) .​
Other pluses might be cost saving, due to​ the​ fact that you are paying for​ required functionality only, not for​ something you will never use.
• Contras .​
Cost might be crossing the​ budgeted line, because you might not be able to​ select reliable software developer (all of​ them might be in​ the​ learning curve, because MS CRM is​ relatively young product) – this is​ very strong argument, when you have just purchased the​ CRM and​ yet not know the​ players on the​ customization market.
Production Environment Challenges .​
When you are already in​ production – be sure that MS CRM needs testing, if​ you introduce custom logic .​
You should try to​ isolate custom logic, and​ test it​ in​ the​ isolated space – again MS CRM doesn’t have parallel test company environment – opposite to​ what you have in​ ERP system, such as​ Great Plains/Dynamics GP.
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Microsoft Dynamics Crm Customization Or Third Party Product Overview
For Consultant

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