Microsoft Crm Integration With Ibm Lotus Notes Domino Machinery
Dealership Example

Microsoft Crm Integration With Ibm Lotus Notes Domino Machinery Dealership Example

Microsoft CRM Integration with IBM Lotus Notes Domino – machinery dealership example
IBM Lotus Notes with Domino email server is​ traditional document workflow management solution for​ large corporate business, where you need audit trail on approval cycle and​ decision making .​
Microsoft Business Solutions CRM is​ very cost efficient solution to​ automate sales process .​
It might be surprising, but we see good strata of​ clients who are willing to​ deploy and​ integrate both systems: MS CRM and​ Lotus Domino .​
In our opinion these clients are balancing ERP platform risks and​ trying to​ protect and​ deploy investments into Lotus licenses, while deploying new and​ already leading CRM solution – Microsoft CRM .​
In this small article we’ll give you the​ integration example – European division of​ one of​ the​ well known machinery manufacturer dealership network.
• Custom Lotus Database .​
In our case client had custom database, which was designed back in​ the​ beginning of​ 1990th .​
Some dealers had Lotus Notes Domino 4.0 and​ some of​ them had 6.0 and​ 6.5 .​
Technical excurse – in​ Lotus Notes Domino 6.0 you can use Java 2 agents, and​ it​ seems to​ be platform independent (Microsoft Windows Server, IBM AS/400) .​
To synch all the​ dealerships – the​ decision was made to​ upgrade across the​ network to​ Lotus Notes Domino 6.0 (to be a​ bit conservative)
• Domino Messaging .​
Obviously you have to​ have just one email server assigned to​ your url domain, and​ as​ traditionally Lotus Domino was the​ email server – the​ replacement with Microsoft Exchange 2003 (which is​ natural choice if​ you purchase Microsoft CRM) was not an​ option .​
With Alba Spectrum Technologies MS CMR Lotus Notes Domino connector you can switch email messaging to​ Lotus Domino
• Lotus & MS CRM events synchronization .​
IBM and​ Microsoft software designers designed CRM & Lotus events differently .​
Second phase of​ the​ project implementation will synchronize appointments, calendar events, etc .​
between Lotus and​ MS CRM .​
• MS CRM ODBC lookups to​ Lotus database .​
as​ the​ second phase we plan to​ implement lookups from MS CRM Account to​ cases with custom fields and​ Lotus notes lookup tab .​
This tab will be realized as​ web .net application, integrated into MS CRM web interface .​
This web application will have machine serial number, warranty & service info .​
as​ you probably know in​ MS CRM 3.0 you can deploy custom table in​ link it​ to​ MS CRM object as​ one-to-many .​
the​ most important is​ that it​ will be synchronized by MS Outlook and​ will allow you as​ a​ salesperson to​ work offline .​

You can always have us help you with MS CRM customization, implementation, support & MS CRM SDK data conversion .​
Give us a​ call: 866.528.0577 or​ 1.630.961.598,

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