Michigan Real Estate A Little Of Everything

Michigan Real Estate – a​ Little of​ Everything
With lakes, forest, farmland, college towns and​ big cities, Michigan has a​ little of​ everything .​
Fortunately, Michigan real estate prices are on the​ low end .​
Michigan is​ a​ state of​ great beauty if​ the​ outdoors is​ your thing .​
The state borders no less than four of​ the​ Great Lakes and​ has thousands of​ smaller lakes within its border .​
Yes, thousands .​
With all this water come forest and​ a​ bevy of​ outdoor activities .​
If you prefer the​ city life, Detroit is​ in​ a​ renaissance .​
For a​ taste of​ the​ college life, Ann Arbor is​ the​ home of​ the​ University of​ Michigan .​
Ann Arbor
Home to​ the​ University of​ Michigan, Ann Arbor is​ a​ great college town .​
With a​ population of​ roughly 100,000, it​ is​ actually a​ small city but can grow during college football season .​
The football stadium holds over 100,000, and​ people from all over the​ state make a​ weekend of​ the​ games .​
With the​ college atmosphere, Ann Arbor is​ full of​ interesting little shops, cafes and​ has an​ active nightlife .​
If you’re considering living in​ a​ college town, Ann Arbor should be on the​ top of​ your list .​
If ever there was a​ city that took a​ beating in​ the​ press, it​ is​ Detroit .​
Criticized for​ an​ out of​ control crime problem, the​ city definitely deserved some criticism in​ the​ past .​
These days, however, Detroit is​ in​ the​ process of​ turning a​ new leaf .​
Over a​ BILLION dollars has spent renovating the​ downtown area and​ crime statistics are down significantly .​
For comparison purposes, Atlanta and​ Washington, D.C., have much higher crime rates .​
The rebirth of​ Detroit is​ an​ ongoing process, so don’t hesitate to​ give it​ a​ look .​
It may be an​ opportunity to​ get in​ on the​ bottom floor .​
Michigan Real Estate
Michigan real estate prices are surprisingly cheap .​
a​ single family home in​ Detroit will set you back roughly $280,000, while the​ same home in​ Ann Arbor is​ $345,000 .​
On average, the​ prices in​ Ann Arbor are the​ highest in​ the​ state .​
With such reasonable prices, one wouldn’t really expect to​ see an​ exciting appreciate rate in​ Michigan .​
For 2018, Michigan real estate appreciated at​ a​ miserly rate of​ a​ little less than 5 percent.

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