Miami Dade County Real Estate Floridas Largest

Miami Dade County Real Estate Floridas Largest

Miami Dade County Real Estate: Florida's Largest
Known to​ be the​ most populous county in​ Florida, Miami-Dade County was formerly called Dade County and​ is​ now referred to​ as​ only Miami by most .​
It is​ located in​ the​ southeastern part of​ Florida and​ has a​ population of​ more than 2,400,000 making it​ occupy more than half of​ the​ South Florida metropolitan area .​
The city of​ Miami is​ its county seat .​
The eastern portion of​ the​ county is​ greatly urbanized with several towering structures and​ the​ eastern part is​ still underdeveloped and​ consists of​ the​ Everglades National Park .​
Miami-Dade County was created on January 18, 1836 and​ was named after Major Francis Dade, a​ soldier who was killed in​ the​ Second Seminole War .​
The total area of​ Miami Dade County is​ around 2,400 square miles .​
It is​ bordered by Broward County to​ the​ north, Collier County to​ the​ northwest and​ Monroe County to​ the​ south and​ west .​
a​ decade ago the​ population density was about 1,150 per square mile .​
In the​ last few years though the​ state of​ affairs has improved much and​ is​ expected to​ get better with time .​
Real Estate prices have more than double in​ recent years .​
Coral Gables, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, Ventura, Miami Lakes, Hialeah, BAL Harbour, Homestead, Doral are part of​ Miami Dade County .​

Infrastructural facilities in​ this county are extremely advanced and​ the​ proof of​ this can be had if​ one looks at​ the​ education and​ transportation systems .​
In Florida each county also acts as​ a​ school district and​ in​ the​ county of​ Miami-Dade is​ served by several schools .​
Higher education is​ served by various colleges and​ universities including University of​ Miami, Miami Dade College, Florida Memorial University and​ St .​
Thomas University .​
In terms of​ transportation, the​ number of​ expressways Miami-Dade County has, very few counties have and​ this factor leads to​ heightened connectivity with the​ other states .​
Apart from this, a​ street grid stretches from downtown Miami throughout the​ country .​
Since World War I​ this grid has been there .​
Miami Dade County Real Estate in​ Florida has grown tremendously in​ the​ real estate market boom .​
As an​ economy, this place is​ severely dependant on the​ agricultural sector .​
Proof to​ this fact can be found in​ the​ massive amounts of​ traditional and​ tropical vegetables the​ county produces along with tropical fruits and​ other greenhouse products .​
In the​ domestic market local produce competes with imports from other countries in​ Central America, South America and​ Europe .​

With all modern amenities acting to​ people’s benefit, the​ county of​ Miami Dade has a​ thriving real estate market .​
Excellent places to​ live in​ this county include, Miami, Coral Gables, and​ Miami Beach .​
Most of​ the​ constructions are extremely picturesque and​ is​ one of​ the​ reasons why people want to​ settle here .​
There are currently 16,185 single family homes and​ 25,537 condos and​ townhouses listed in​ the​ MLS in​ Miami Dade County .​
This record high of​ homes available for​ sale is​ unprecedented and​ is​ a​ clear opportunity to​ purchase now a​ home or​ condo at​ the​ right price before this buyer’s market is​ over in​ 2018.

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