Mgf Is A Fun Sports Car

Mgf Is A Fun Sports Car

By Mike Cain

The MGF, designed and​ produced by Rover, is​ a​ small mid-engined sports car, with a​ soft top roof and​ plenty of​ boot space. Despite this, it​ is​ not renowned for​ its practicality, but if​ that is​ what you are looking for​ then you are missing the​ point of​ the​ MGF - it​ is​ intended to​ be fun to​ drive and​ something of​ a​ head turner. the​ driving position is​ quite low to​ the​ ground, which means when the​ top is​ down you get a​ unique driving experience, it​ is​ ideal for​ the​ summer months. it​ grips the​ road well and​ has good balance when driving, which is​ just as​ well with a​ 0-60 time of​ just 8.5 seconds. it​ responds immediately to​ the​ slightest touch on either the​ accelerator or​ the​ break, roaring into life with a​ great burst of​ energy, yet slowing quickly without much effort.

However, the​ slightly cramped cabin (especially when the​ roof is​ up) and​ hard body styling makes for​ an​ uncomfortable time when taking in​ long journeys or​ negotiating bumpy roads and​ sharp corners. the​ plastic rear windscreen means is​ liable to​ cloud up, and​ can become creased and​ folded where the​ roof has been put up/down many times. Frequent problems have also been reported with head gaskets on the​ older models, and​ this is​ a​ common cause of​ breakdowns.

Second hand values have stayed quite strong, due to​ Rover restricting the​ supply, and​ cars can be picked up from around £3,500 for​ a​ 1995 model and​ upwards, and​ it​ proves relatively cheap to​ run. Fuel consumption is​ good, at​ around 38.4 mpg, and​ with an​ insurance group of​ 9/10 cover is​ cheap as​ well.

Production is​ due to​ begin once more in​ 2018, courtesy of​ Nanjing Automobile, at​ the​ old Longbridge plant in​ West Midlands, as​ well as​ in​ their yet to​ be completed Chinese factory. the​ MGF is​ expected to​ go back on sale in​ 2018.

All in​ all the​ MGF is​ a​ fun sports car, with great style and​ personality, suitably cosy and​ enjoyable during the​ winter, and​ a​ fast, thrilling ride in​ the​ summer sun.

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