Mexican Survival Tip 5 Transportation

Mexican Survival Tip 5 Transportation

When my wife and​ I first visited the​ city in​ Mexico where we eventually chose to​ settle, we had a​ conversation along these lines:

Me: “Do you know what I am thinking, my sweet darling dove?”

Wife: “No, my hard hunk of​ a​ man. What are you thinking?”

Me: “ I think we could live here in​ Guanajuato and​ never have to​ drive!”

Wife: “You mean, do you really mean, that we could dump that car we are forced to​ drive by Mr. Urban Sprawl and​ stop destroying the​ environment?”
Me: “Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yes indeed. and​ not only that but we would stop getting fat-induced illnesses that are the​ result of​ never walking anywhere in​ America.”
Wife: “You forgot to​ say that we would lose weight and​ keep it​ off as​ a​ result.”

Me: “And what about getting rid of​ stress which also kills Americans who have to​ drive everywhere?”

Wife: “That stress as​ well as​ the​ fact that we would never have to​ make another car payment, buy insurance, get the​ car inspected, etc…”

Me: “Did you just say, ‘etc…’?”

Wife: “Never mind.”

We honestly had this conversation. Maybe not in​ those exact words but we did talk this over. This was one of​ the​ draws of​ living in​ Mexico.

We would never have to​ drive again.

And, that has been the​ case. We sold our car and​ flew here. We not only do not have a​ car but we never will have one. Why on earth you would want one when you do not have to​ have one totally escapes me!

However, Americans and​ Canadian expats in​ the​ millions have them. Americans would probably take cars with them to​ Europe if​ they could. I know of​ a​ lady who took an​ RV to​ Russia! Can you begin to​ fathom that?

Americans are so attached to​ their cars that it​ seems as​ though it​ is​ written into their DNA. They would never think of​ leaving their cars behind. the​ car is​ their source of​ identity. Cars define what Americans are.

Most of​ our friends, upon learning we were not driving our car into Mexico, nearly had strokes. So blinded are Americans to​ the​ fact that they can live with a​ car that none of​ my friends—not one of​ them—rejoiced that we would be able to:

· Stop contributing to​ the​ destruction of​ the​ already-fragile and​ probably irreparably-damaged environment.
· Walk everywhere, thus becoming healthier and​ extending our longevity.
· Increase the​ quality of​ our lives.
· Stop paying car insurance.
· Stop risking our lives each time we crawled behind the​ wheel of​ a​ car.

And the​ list goes on…

Have you ever thought how many people in​ America have died, either directly and​ indirectly, as​ the​ result of​ cars? the​ anti-gun lobbyists will scream night and​ day using this same argument. They will galvanize their forces to​ get rid of​ those evil people-killing guns as​ they mount the​ saddles of​ their gigantic, gas-guzzling SUV’s that kill people too.

Car wrecks, car jackings, car exhaust, accidents or​ suicides, and​ getting fat from constantly yielding to​ the​ temptation to​ drive rather than walk.

I know of​ people in​ the​ U.S. who would drive to​ mail a​ letter rather than walk the​ 20 minutes it​ would take to​ get back and​ forth to​ the​ Post Office. Americans drive everywhere and​ walk nowhere!

The too-often cited excuse is, “It is​ a​ convenience to​ drive to​ the​ store.”

A convenience for​ what? There you are, sitting on you ever-growing and​ swelling fundament,

Momma: “Daddy, get yourself down to​ the​ store and​ buy me something sweet.”
Papa: “Ok. Which gas guzzler should I take? the​ Ford SUV or​ the​ Chevy SUV?”

Momma: “Whatever. I don’t care.”

So, you get up from the​ living room. You put down the​ TV remote and​ the​ beer you’ve been drinking. And, rather than walking to​ get the​ ice cream (that will make you fatter still), you drive the​ SUV for​ the​ convenience of​ getting back to​ the​ house faster so you can more quickly get back to​ your living room chair, so you can eat the​ ice cream, drink more beer, and​ click away with the​ TV remote!

Is that the​ convenience Americans mean?

The American expats who go to​ all the​ bother to​ move to​ Mexico with their cars do the​ same thing!

I know of​ one lady who claims she likes the​ convenience of​ having the​ SUV, and​ yes an​ SUV, so she can be spared the​ length of​ time it​ takes to​ use the​ pubic transportation system.

For the​ most part, she, and​ a​ heck of​ a​ lot of​ other expats, sit on their butts in​ front of​ their satellite televisions watching American television. the​ only time they get out of​ the​ house is​ when they want “the convenience” of​ driving somewhere.

It is​ the​ same convenience, apparently, that they had in​ America. They want the​ convenience of​ getting to​ the​ store and​ buying their stuff so they can return more quickly to​ their expat hideouts in​ order to​ plop down in​ front of​ the​ television!

Only here is​ the​ joke! Where we live, in​ Guanajuato, it​ is​ quicker to​ walk somewhere than drive a​ car. in​ fact, at​ certain times of​ the​ day because of​ traffic congestion, you can out-walk the​ buses and​ taxis and​ reach your destination more quickly on foot.

What is​ certainly no joke is​ that too many Mexicans are buying into this uniquely American idea of​ “convenience”. the​ consequence is​ that too many cars are on the​ streets of​ Guanajuato. Mexicans and​ the​ few expats there are here are all vying for​ their driving space on streets not built for​ such nonsense.

The traffic jams in​ this little Colonial City, where car ownership is​ absolutely not necessary, defies logic! Or, perhaps I should say that the​ massive car ownership in​ this town is​ what defies logic.

The American expats of​ San Miguel de Allende have ruined that town, which is​ actually smaller than Guanajuato, with their cars. You really should see this hideous phenomenon for​ yourself.

Another result you will see of​ too many cars here is​ that many locals walk around with masks on their faces. You know, the​ kind surgeons wear during an​ operation. Every single Mexican I asked, “¿Por qué lleva la mascara?”, told me that it​ is​ because the​ car exhaust makes them sick!

Need I say another word on this subject?

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