Mexican Living Survival Tip 11 Restaurants

Mexican Living Survival Tip 11 Restaurants

Eating out is​ a​ source of​ pleasure and​ cheap entertainment in​ Mexico in​ general and​ in​ Guanajuato in​ particular. We are always being asked where we recommend visitors eat. the​ difficulty in​ answering this question is​ that for​ $12.00 USD, you would be able to​ feed four adults. Americans think that is​ a​ cheap to​ feed one adult. Visiting gringos find it​ incredible that you can get a​ good meal in​ this city for​ under $4.00.

Most local restaurants in​ Guanajuato will have something called, El Menu del Día, or​ the​ Meal of​ the​ Day. This will consist, usually, of​ something from the​ regular menu that is​ served for​ a​ really cheap price. You get a​ choice of​ two soups, vegetable, starch, and​ meat. Sometimes the​ drink and​ dessert is​ included.

The portions are not anywhere the​ size of​ potions in​ the​ U.S. but the​ meal is​ filling and​ will satisfy you. One or​ two restaurants will serve something out-of-the-ordinary for​ their regular customers. We frequent one place that will give us the​ “heads up” when they plan to​ serve liver (yes, we love liver!). it​ is​ not on their regular menu.

In some of​ the​ upper-range restaurants in​ the​ El Jardin area, their Meal of​ the​ Day can be very elegant with American-sized portions. These will be more expensive, around $6.50 per person, but is​ worth it​ every now and​ then. Some of​ these restaurants have bilingual waiters who can speak a​ bit of​ English.

We rarely eat out for​ any meal other than La Cena (the mid-day meal). We usually take advantage of​ the​ meal of​ the​ day. Sometimes we order from the​ menu. So, here are our suggestions of​ where you can eat, whether you are a​ visitor or​ expat in​ Guanajuato:

Truco 7 – When we get a​ hankering for​ a​ good steak, we eat here. We have expat pals who refuse to​ believe that you can get a​ good steak anywhere in​ Mexico. We take exception to​ that gross misstatement. Truco 7 is​ a​ trendily-decorated place that is​ well worth the​ time and​ effort to​ visit. it​ is​ off the​ beaten path and​ until you get to​ know Guanajuato you can ask anyone, “¿Dónde está Truco Siete?” and​ they will more than likely escort you there personally. We normally choose bistec y papas or​ steak and​ fries which is​ accompanied by a​ small salad, a​ little guacamole, and​ bolillos (a French-bread type roll). it​ is​ absolutely delicious.

Tapatio – This is​ located across the​ street from the​ enormous staircase that leads up to​ the​ main building of​ the​ University of​ Guanajuato. This is​ the​ place of​ choice to​ go for​ the​ Meal of​ the​ Day. the​ service is​ decent but not exceptional. However, it​ is​ immensely popular with Mexicans because of​ the​ food. You might be able to​ strike up a​ conversation or​ two with your fellow diners if​ you want. They have an​ excellent dish called Milanesa de pollo o res. This a​ piece of​ chicken breast (or beef) that is​ pounded into oblivion, resulting in​ an​ almost wafer-thin piece of​ meat. it​ is​ then lightly breaded and​ fried. it​ is​ usually served with fries, guacamole, and​ a​ small collection of​ freshly cut vegetables. it​ is​ the​ breading and​ seasoning of​ Milanesa that makes it​ very good.

Casa Valadez – This is​ owned by a​ very old family here in​ Guanajuato. My wife used to​ teach English to​ one of​ the​ members of​ this family. Casa Valadez is​ probably the​ closest thing in​ this town resembling an​ international restaurant. it​ has a​ bilingual menu and​ serves some American dishes along with some of​ the​ traditional Mexican dishes. if​ you get it​ into your head that you want an​ exceptional hamburger, then you have to​ eat here. in​ addition, the​ service is​ outstanding! They treat you like they simply adore you and​ that you made their day for​ stopping by. They also serve what I think is​ the​ best food in​ town. I have yet to​ find an​ exception. the​ presentation makes you wonder if​ they have Wolfgang Puck in​ the​ back. it​ is​ a​ nice place all around and​ even has someone who plays the​ piano during the​ afternoon meal. Our favorite “off-the-menu” dish is​ a​ regional dish called Enchilada Mineras.

No place else serves such an​ exceptional plate of​ Enchiladas Mineras. if​ you are in​ the​ mood to​ be pampered and​ fussed over, go here—even for​ a​ hamburger.

Mexican Living Survival Tip 11 Restaurants

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