Mexican Living Survival Tip 10 Love Belonging Power And Fun

Mexican Living Survival Tip 10 Love Belonging Power And Fun

William Glasser, M.D., of​ Reality Therapy fame, said this,

“…I believe that we are genetically programmed to​ satisfy four psychological needs: love and​ belonging, power, freedom, and​ fun.”

If this is​ true, then you need to​ have a​ plan, a​ huge plan, for​ just how you are going to​ be able to​ meet these needs if​ you expatriate to​ Mexico. if​ you don’t, then what will happen is​ what I see all the​ time in​ American gringos.

They move to​ Guanajuato. for​ reasons I cannot fathom, they move here not knowing more than two words of​ Spanish. But they come and​ somehow they start a​ life here.

They spend their days holed up in​ front of​ satellite television where they can watch all the​ shows they watched in​ America. They drive a​ car to​ the​ supermarket to​ shop. They come home and​ sit in​ front of​ the​ satellite television and​ watch more of​ the​ shows they watched when they were in​ the​ United States.

They claim that the​ majority of​ their friends are Mexican. This is​ a​ wonder since they themselves cannot speak Spanish. So, I deduce that they have to​ mean that the​ majority of​ their friends are Mexicans who are bilingual. This has to​ mean there are a​ few Mexicans in​ Guanajuato who speak at​ least some English.

These gringos cannot attend cultural functions that require them to​ understand Spanish. the​ only movies they see are those they’ve brought from the​ United States because the​ movies in​ the​ theaters here are usually in​ Spanish.

There I go again haranguing about Spanish.

In my view, this is​ no way to​ live. This type of​ life would not meet my need for​ belonging or​ fun in​ any way. What kind of​ existence is​ that? if​ I wanted to​ live like that I would not have gone to​ the​ enormous bother to​ move to​ Mexico. You might be interested to​ know that these expats make frequent trips to​ the​ U.S. to​ get things they cannot obtain in​ Mexico. This translates to​ this:

“We cannot really stand Mexico. We tolerate it​ only because it​ is​ cheap to​ live here and​ it​ has year-round good weather. But, in​ the​ end, Mexico does not appeal to​ our American tastes. That’s why we spent a​ small fortune to​ bring our American materialistic goods to​ Mexico and​ why we go back to​ the​ U.S. to​ obtain those things which appeal to​ our American tastes.”

Why go to​ the​ bother to​ move here if​ you are looking for​ things that appeal to​ your American tastes? Why not stay in​ America?

These are people who somehow, someway manage to​ bungle themselves into living in​ a​ part of​ Mexico that is​ not really gringo-friendly. They would have been better suited to​ living in​ a​ place like San Miguel de Allende or​ Puerto Vallarta.

They are not meeting their basic human need for​ fun or​ belonging because they cannot. the​ reason they cannot is​ because they are too linguistically challenged to​ participate in​ any activities other than watching satellite television and​ socializing with the​ few expats who live in​ Guanajuato.

If you cannot or​ will not learn Spanish, then it​ would be advisable to​ expatriate to​ an​ area of​ Mexico where you do not have to​ speak the​ language. in​ those areas, the​ cost of​ living is​ going to​ be considerably higher. Everything from food to​ housing to​ entertainment will cost you far more than if​ you lived in​ Guanajuato.

My wife and​ I were once sitting in​ El Jardin when a​ gringo woman approached us. She was dressed like a​ San Miguel resident. We soon learned our initial impression was correct. She was from San Miguel de Allende and​ was in​ Guanajuato looking for​ a​ place to​ live. She could no longer afford to​ pay the​ increasing rent charged by San Miguel landlords.

She told us that she was having great difficulty finding housing (she didn’t speak Spanish…could that possibly contribute to​ her problem?). She also told us that she heard there were no cultural events in​ Guanajuato.

Believe this or​ not, I am convinced that the​ majority of​ gringos in​ San Miguel de Allende, if​ the​ truth be known, believe this.

This woman was actually told that there was nothing fun to​ do in​ Guanajuato. Her perception of​ fulfilling her human need for​ fun was to​ attend cultural events like concerts, the​ theater, and​ movies. She was told she would not be able to​ do that here because they did not exist!

We told her that there is​ the​ three-week-long International Festival of​ Arts in​ Guanajuato—The Cervantino Festival—each October, not to​ mention the​ many year-round events. But, we informed her, you have to​ be able to​ speak Spanish to​ understand them. This is​ a​ Spanish-speaking town.

Guanajuato defines fun with its year-round events. There is​ theater, movies (commercial and​ fine arts), there are concerts, art exhibits, etc… However, if​ you wanted to​ attend a​ movie you have to​ speak Spanish. When we first moved here, a​ lot of​ movies were in​ English with Spanish subtitles. Now, more and​ more movies are entirely in​ Spanish with no subtitles at​ all.

Thank God for​ that!

This woman, whose visage is​ burned into my memory, said sadly, “Oh, then I guess I would have to​ learn some Spanish.” She said it​ like someone who just realized they would have to​ take rabies shots.

There is​ a​ lot in​ this town to​ satisfy your human psychological need for​ love and​ belonging, power, freedom, and​ fun. I wonder just what Americans think the​ Mexican nationals do here all day long: sit like lumps scratching themselves and​ grunting like apes?

Mexicans have to​ meet their basic psychological needs too. They do it​ much like Americans do. They go to​ movies, the​ theater, concerts, opera, lectures, parties, and​ to​ social gatherings where they have human fellowship.

But, as​ I am at​ the​ point of​ being sickeningly repetitious, Americans cannot do this here because they are not able to​ handle the​ language. There is​ not a​ huge gringo population with which to​ have involvement.

And, because they cannot handle the​ language, they are forced either to​ seek out the​ few gringos with whom they can speak English or​ they hole up in​ their houses with their satellite televisions.

I cannot understand this. Maybe it​ is​ psychologically damaging in​ the​ long run to​ move to​ Guanajuato if​ you will not learn Spanish. Your ability to​ meet the​ psychological need for​ love and​ belonging, power, freedom, and​ fun will be relegated to​ watching your satellite television, driving to​ the​ Supermarket, and​ getting back home to​ watch more satellite television. Just how long with you last doing that?

That is​ too pathetic to​ imagine.

The lesson here:

You could expatriate to​ Guanajuato where the​ weather is​ almost perfect all year and​ life is​ inexpensive. You could somehow muddle through getting a​ place to​ live and​ set up your life. You could do this without being able to​ speak the​ language. People do it. But, your life, the​ ability to​ meet your basic psychological need for​ “…love and​ belonging, power, freedom, and​ fun…” is​ going to​ be via satellite television.

Who would want to​ live like that?

Mexican Living Survival Tip 10 Love Belonging Power And Fun

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