Mexican Insurance How To Choose A Plan

Mexican Insurance How To Choose A Plan

Mexican Insurance - How to​ Choose a​ Plan
Why Your Current Plan is​ Not Enough
While your current auto insurance may offer limited coverage along the​ border regions of​ Mexico,​ in​ most cases it​ only covers costs for you​ and your car .​
The Republic of​ Mexico requires proof that you​ can pay for costs due to​ injuries or​ death of​ persons not in​ your vehicle,​ property damage caused by your vehicle,​ and medical expenses for other persons in​ your vehicle .​
There is​ an​ additional consideration in​ that authorities will not RECOGNIZE the​ policy as​ legitimate unless it​ is​ written by an​ admitted Mexican Insurance Carrier .​
This is​ why you​ must purchase a​ Mexican insurance policy from a​ company authorized to​ do business in​ Mexico.
How to​ Find a​ Mexican Insurance Plan
It is​ highly recommended that you​ purchase Mexican auto insurance before entering Mexico with your car .​
Although Mexican insurance can be purchased from various vendors just prior to​ crossing the​ border,​ you​ will have great difficulty verifying if​ your policy is​ from a​ quality company approved by the​ Mexican government,​ if​ you​ have the​ proper coverage for your trip,​ if​ the​ areas or​ activities that you​ plan to​ do are excluded,​ or​ if​ you​ even paid the​ best price for the​ policy.
The easiest and quickest way to​ find Mexican auto insurance is​ online .​
Look for sites that offer more than one policy,​ and allow you​ to​ compare and customize quotes for the​ policies they offer .​
What to​ Look For in​ a​ Mexican Insurance Plan
The minimum insurance required by Mexican law is​ liability coverage .​
However,​ depending on​ the​ severity,​ location,​ and/or length of​ the​ investigation by authorities this will not be enough .​
When selecting a​ plan,​ look for one that offers at​ least the​ following:
•Third Party (Civil) Liability
•Medical Expenses for Driver and Occupants
•Medical and Travel Assistance
•Physical Damage and Total Theft of​ Vehicle
•Legal Assistance and Bail Bond
•Roadside Assistance
•Urgent Message Services
Make sure the​ plan covers you​ during your entire stay .​
Most plans have daily,​ six month,​ and annual policies .​
You may find it​ cheaper to​ purchase a​ policy with a​ longer coverage period if​ you​ plan to​ stay close to​ 4 weeks or​ a​ month.
In addition,​ take into consideration the​ type of​ activities you​ plan to​ enjoy and their locations .​
Look for plans that offer medical emergency options with very few limitations or​ exclusion such as:
•Maximum of​ Number of​ Passengers (Other Plans Only Cover Up to​ 4 Passengers)
•Monetary Limits for Any Service Including Expensive Air or​ Land Evacuation (Look for Assist America because they have NO Monetary limits)
•Rural Mexico Territory Exclusion
•Exclusions for Pre-Conditions (Except Late Pregnancy)
•Sport or​ Adventure Activity Exclusions (Surfing,​ Cycling,​ Mountain Biking,​ Mountain Climbing,​ Snorkeling,​ Kayaking Or Diving)
•Civil War or​ Terrorism Exclusions
What you​ Should Get When you​ Purchase Your Mexican Insurance Plan
When you​ purchase your policy,​ you​ should receive the​ following from the​ insurance provider:
•Authentic and recognized Mexican auto insurance policy
•Accident instructions and essential policy information
•Important phone numbers
•Premium payment receipt
These items should be kept in​ your car at​ all times while traveling in​ Mexico .​
Write down your Policy number(s)& important telephone numbers and put it​ in​ your wallet or​ purse .​
This way you​ can get help if​ you​ are not near your vehicle or​ if​ your vehicle can't be found.

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