Mesothelioma What Are The Treatments

Mesothelioma What Are The Treatments

Mesothelioma What are the​ treatments?<
The location, stage of​ the​ disease along with the​ paitents age and​ general health all play a​ role in​ determining the​ treatment of​ mesothelioma. Options for​ treatement generally include surgery, radiation therapy and​ chemo therapy.
Surgery is​ a​ common treatment for​ mesothelioma. the​ doctor may remove part of​ the​ lining of​ the​ chest or​ abdomen and​ some of​ the​ tissue around it. for​ cancer of​ the​ pleura pleural mesothelioma, a​ lung may be removed in​ an operation called a​ pneumonectomy. Sometimes part of​ the​ diaphragm, the​ muscle below the​ lungs that helps with breathing, is​ also removed.
Radiation therapy, also called radiotherapy, involves the​ use of​ highenergy rays to​ kill cancer cells and​ shrink tumors. Radiation therapy affects the​ cancer cells only in​ the​ treated area. the​ radiation may come from a​ machine external radiation or​ from putting materials that produce radiation through thin plastic tubes into the​ area where the​ cancer cells are found
Chemotherapy is​ the​ use of​ anticancer ​Drug​s to​ kill cancer cells throughout the​ body. Most ​Drug​s used to​ treat mesothelioma are given by injection into a​ vein intravenous or​ IV. Doctors are also studying the​ effectiveness of​ putting chemotherapy directly into the​ chest or​ abdomen intracavitary chemotherapy.
To relieve symptoms and​ control pain, the​ doctor may use a​ needle or​ a​ thin tube to​ drain fluid that has built up in​ the​ chest or​ abdomen. the​ procedure for​ removing fluid from the​ chest is​ called thoracentesis. Removal of​ fluid from the​ abdomen is​ called paracentesis. ​Drug​s may be given through a​ tube in​ the​ chest to​ prevent more fluid from accumulating. Radiation therapy and​ surgery may also be helpful in​ relieving symptoms.
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