Mesothelioma Treatment

Mesothelioma Treatment

There are several methods of​ treatment for​ mesothelioma although none of​ these have a​ high success rate. in​ general, the​ chances of​ curing a​ mesothelioma patient depends on how much the​ cancer has developed and​ matured when treated. if​ tackled aggressively in​ its early stages, there is​ a​ good chance of​ survival. Due to​ the​ difficulty of​ diagnosing mesothelioma in​ its early stages, many mesothelioma treatments focus on improving the​ quality of​ life for​ patients.

Before a​ patient is​ treated upon, a​ doctor will decide what the​ best course of​ treatment is​ by considering the​ patient’s age, medical history, general well being and​ even weight. From here, the​ doctor will decide which of​ the​ three most common treatments are most suited to​ the​ patient’s condition. These treatments are surgery, chemotherapy and​ radiation therapy.


Surgery comes in​ two different types. Aggressive surgery is​ treatment which aims to​ gain long term control against the​ cancer and​ palliative procedures which aims to​ just relieve the​ patient of​ symptoms.

Aggressive surgery involves removing the​ pleura, the​ lung, the​ diaphragm and​ the​ pericardium. This procedure is​ known as​ extra pleural pneumonectomy. the​ aim of​ this is​ to​ remove as​ much of​ the​ tumour as​ possible without harming the​ patient. However, this is​ a​ very risky type of​ surgery and​ the​ chances are high of​ patient fatality within a​ month. Due to​ this, only young, fit individuals are referred to​ this form of​ treatment. Palliative procedures involve removing just the​ pleura in​ order to​ control the​ symptoms of​ the​ cancer. This is​ performed when mesothelioma is​ in​ an​ advanced form and​ is​ impossible to​ cure.


This is​ the​ most commonly known cure of​ cancer. Chemotherapy uses drugs to​ treat mesothelioma although many of​ these drugs have a​ poor success rate on patients. Combinations of​ drugs are often used to​ improve their effect. Some of​ these combinations have proved to​ be effective. Chemotherapy of​ mesothelioma is​ being improved regularly as​ research labs and​ pharmaceutical companies are discovering new and​ more effective drugs.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy uses radiation to​ kill the​ tumour which mesothelioma creates. However, this procedure is​ extremely difficult because of​ where the​ tumour grows. Due to​ the​ closeness of​ the​ tumour and​ many vital internal organs such as​ the​ heart and​ lungs, doctors have to​ be very careful as​ to​ the​ doses of​ radiation they use. Lower radiation doses can be used however this lowers its effectiveness.

Dual Therapy

This is​ often used and​ is​ just a​ combination of​ surgery, chemotherapy and​ radiation therapy combined. Surgery removes the​ majority of​ the​ tumour cells while chemotherapy and​ radiation therapy work on removing the​ remainder. This is​ an​ effective method and​ also lessens the​ symptoms of​ the​ cancer.

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