Merchants Reach Out

Merchants Reach Out

Merchants Reach Out
Sometimes we see some tremendous acts of​ community service that one of​ the​ really big businesses in​ town takes on .​
a​ huge international bank may donate some huge statue to​ the​ local park .​
a​ big oil company who has been in​ the​ city since it​ was started might fund a​ library or​ a​ new museum .​
When these things happen, those big businesses usually get their names attached to​ those projects .​
and​ while we are all grateful for​ the​ contribution these businesses make to​ our towns, nobody is​ kidding themselves that they just do that as​ part of​ smart business and​ to​ take the​ write off.
It is​ sad to​ be so cynical but when we think of​ true community service, it​ isn’t some massive company that has no real face or​ personality to​ us that really makes a​ difference .​
It is​ when that local merchant who runs the​ local five and​ dime or​ ice cream shop or​ that new business getting started pitches in​ that we really see the​ community part of​ community service start to​ mean something.
They say that small business really is​ the​ heart of​ our economy .​
But small business is​ what makes any city or​ town in​ America thrive .​
Even if​ the​ business is​ a​ branch of​ a​ large national chain, if​ the​ business functions for​ very long in​ your neighborhood, it​ doesn’t take long for​ it​ to​ become a​ local business .​

Local merchants have good reasons to​ get involved in​ community service projects that are even more compelling than the​ reasons huge companies do it .​
Huge companies do it​ because they went to​ a​ seminar in​ New York where some hot shot wrote a​ book telling them it’s a​ good idea to​ appease the​ locals .​
But with a​ local business, there are no hot shots telling them how to​ appease anyone .​
They ARE the​ locals and​ they love your community just as​ much as​ anyone.
Love is​ a​ term not lots of​ people apply to​ the​ place they live very much .​
But our immediate neighborhood with the​ video store across the​ street, the​ pizza place just up the​ block and​ the​ grocery store that employs kids from your daughter’s Sunday School class just a​ mile away all make up a​ local neighborhood that you do have feelings for​ .​
So it​ is​ not wrong to​ want to​ make an​ investment in​ the​ businesses and​ public use spaces that will improve the​ quality of​ life for​ everyone you know.
Too often we sit around and​ wait for​ the​ government to​ kick in​ and​ make our lives better and​ improve things are broken down .​
We put too much value on the​ idea that I​ paid my taxes, not the​ mayor can just get down here and​ fix our park .​
the​ pivotal word in​ that complaint is​ our .​
the​ town you live in​ and​ particularly the​ part that means a​ lot to​ you is​ yours and​ it​ is​ all of​ our jobs to​ take care of​ what means a​ lot to​ us .​

At the​ local level, it​ is​ the​ local merchant who can really make a​ difference in​ improving the​ quality of​ life for​ his family and​ the​ families that shop with him .​
By working together with other local merchants, you can fund small community service projects and​ even get out of​ the​ store and​ roll up your sleeves and​ help out yourself .​
When you do that, you will get a​ feeling of​ pride in​ YOUR town and​ in​ your neighborhood .​
and​ that pride will be shared by your neighbors who, incidentally, are also your best customers.

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