Merchant Account And hopping Systems

Merchant Account And hopping Systems

Congratulations! You created an​ impulse in​ a​ customer to​ buy your product, but there's one small catch--without some way to​ process their credit card information, your sale is​ gone.

One of​ the​ best ways to​ capture and​ use customer credit card information is​ with a​ merchant account (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) that is​ tied to​ your electronic shopping system. it​ used to​ be hard to​ get such a​ merchant account but no longer. it​ seems like every company out there is​ ready to​ give (well, not give but sell) you a​ merchant account, but beware.

You will run into all kinds of​ deals from people trying to​ lease you credit card swiping equipment, too. But unless you do a​ ton of​ face-to-face business, you will never see a​ real credit card and​ that credit card swiping machine will serve you better as​ a​ doorstop. I can safely say that nearly all of​ my sales are done via the​ Internet or​ telephone. Every once in​ a​ while, I'll get the​ odd fax order, but far and​ wide I have no use for​ a​ physical swiping machine. Even when I do sell products at​ the​ back of​ the​ room during my speaking engagements, I just fill out a​ form by hand to​ used later, and​ when possible, I bring my portable computer and​ capture customer information electronically to​ be used online later. and​ these days it​ seems I am finding more and​ more places have wireless networks to​ use so I can enter all the​ customer, account, and​ order information on the​ spot and​ submit the​ whole transaction online instantly. It's as​ if​ the​ customer was logging into my shopping cart system from somewhere else.

When shopping for​ a​ merchant account, it​ is​ important to​ get firm numbers on up-front fees, monthly fees, credit card percentages, and​ costs per transaction, so be sure to​ get the​ merchant's definition for​ a​ "transaction," such as​ whether obtaining authorization only constitutes a​ transaction or​ whether processing a​ return does. All of​ these fees can add up, but still will seem like mere pennies when the​ orders start flowing in.

Another piece of​ advice to​ heed--don't try to​ save a​ few bucks by signing up for​ a​ merchant account, even if​ it​ is​ free, before you choose a​ shopping system. the​ shopping system is​ much more important. Make sure that any merchant account you consider works well with you shopping system.

One final bit of​ information is​ that you must sign up directly with American Express to​ take their credit cards. You can do this online at​

For more information on shopping systems and​ merchant accounts, go to​ ECommerce with Shopping Carts.

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