Memory Foam Mattress Sleep Better Live Better

Memory Foam Mattress Sleep Better Live Better

A mattress is​ a​ piece of​ bedding used for sleeping. Memory foam mattresses are special types of​ mattresses that are pressure and temperature sensitive. The origin of​ memory foam mattresses took place in​ a​ very grand manner. in​ the 70’s NASA was working on manned rockets. Manned rockets exert a​ lot of​ G-force on the astronauts, which can harm the astronaut. NASA scientists were trying to​ develop a​ material that was breathable and molded itself to​ the astronaut’s body to​ reduce the G-forces on the astronaut. They developed a​ polyurethane foam material which had the property of​ visco-elasticity and which could be used for the purpose. Though polyurethane foam was never used in​ the space program, it​ got to​ be used in​ beddings and pillows later.

Matter is​ classified into three states solid, liquid and gases. Visco elastic materials are materials that exhibit the properties of​ both solids and liquids. Polyurethane foam is​ used in​ memory foam mattresses due to​ its property of​ visco-elasticity. Memory foam mattresses are able to​ distribute pressure evenly and are able to​ return to​ their original shape when the pressure is​ removed. Memory foam mattresses shape themselves according to​ pressure and temperature of​ the person’s body to​ provide support and softness.

Mattresses are either soft or​ firm. There are 3 positions in​ which humans sleep;- back, stomach and side. People use more than one position to​ sleep. Firm mattresses are recommended for people sleeping on back and stomach, as​ soft mattresses might harm their backs due to​ unnatural angles. For those sleeping on sides, softer mattresses are recommended. Memory foam mattresses are a​ compromise of​ both firm and soft mattresses. They are suitable for all people. The memory foam mattress manufacturers claim that sleeping on a​ memory foam mattress feels like sleeping on a​ cloud.

Memory foam mattresses are recommended for people having back problems, arthritis, bone and joint problems, spondylitis etc. Studies have shown that people sleep better on a​ memory foam mattress. They are available in​ lots of​ sizes like, single, double, queen, king, California queen, California king and super king sizes. Some double memory foam mattresses have a​ softer side and a​ firmer side to​ suit the needs of​ sleeping partners. The usual thickness of​ memory foam mattresses is​ 5 inches. Some mattresses use memory foam padding on the upper layer one to​ two inches thick on the regular mattresses.

Memory foam mattresses begin at​ around 500$ and are available up to​ 2000$. Before buying a​ mattress, it​ is​ recommended that the buyer tests by lying on the mattress for at​ least 10 minutes. Lie on the back. if​ your finger passes through the small of​ the back very easily, then the mattress is​ too firm. if​ there is​ no space then the mattress is​ too soft. if​ turning around on the mattress is​ difficult that means the mattress is​ too soft. The softness and firmness of​ the mattress depends upon the density of​ the foam used in​ the mattress. as​ the density of​ the mattress increases the price also increases. as​ almost one third of​ our life is​ spent sleeping, it​ is​ better to​ invest in​ a​ good memory foam mattress.

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