Meet The Urgency Of Money Through Short Term Bridging Loans

Meet The Urgency Of Money Through Short Term Bridging Loans

Meet the​ Urgency Of Money Through Short Term Bridging Loans
You have planned to​ move your residence .​
Your eyes are all set on​ a​ house that you​ have always dreamt of .​
You do not have enough funds to​ purchase your dream house .​
To engender funds you​ want to​ sell your old house .​
But its buyer will take time .​
What to​ do now? Opt for short term bridging loans and grab an​ opportunity to​ get instant finance to​ purchase your new house.
Short term bridging loans help you​ cater to​ the​ urgent requirement of​ money by providing cash instantly .​
They are secured against property- residential or​ commercial,​ freehold or​ leasehold .​
As the​ name suggests short term bridging loans are taken over a​ short period of​ time .​
Say the​ duration of​ a​ week to​ six weeks or​ a​ maximum of​ 2 years .​
During this period the​ borrower purchases the​ new property with the​ loan amount and repays to​ the​ loan provider once the​ old property has been sold out.
Short term bridging loans do not require the​ borrower to​ pay any installments to​ the​ lender .​
He has to​ pay only the​ interest during the​ tenure of​ the​ loan .​
The borrower returns the​ principal amount to​ the​ lender after selling the​ old property .​

Since short term bridging loans are meant for a​ shorter period of​ time,​ they have comparatively a​ higher rate of​ interest than other loans .​
The lender intends to​ produce as​ much money as​ possible through the​ interest in​ this short duration .​
The borrower can negotiate with the​ lender to​ get reduced rates .​
The borrower opts for short term bridging loans to​ meet the​ urgency of​ money,​ therefore he seldom finds higher rate as​ a​ burden on​ him.
Short term bridging loans enable the​ borrower to​ draw money ranging from £25000 to​ £500000 .​
The lender can offer a​ higher amount provided the​ value of​ the​ collateral placed against the​ loan is​ high.
Bad credit history is​ no more a​ hindrance in​ getting short term bridging loans .​
Since the​ borrowers with a​ poor credit score place a​ security against the​ loan,​ the​ lender can offer them loan at​ an​ affordable rate.
Wandering from one place to​ another in​ search of​ the​ lender is​ very time consuming and is​ regarded as​ conventional .​
Nowadays,​ people prefer a​ service that will enable them to​ access infinite lenders simultaneously .​
Hence,​ there are online lenders dealing in​ short term bridging loans .​
They have reduced paper work .​
The borrower needs to​ fill in​ a​ hassle-free online loan application form .​
The lender will be at​ your door step within 24 hours with the​ best possible deal.

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