Medical Insurance Nhs Consultants Go Private

Medical Insurance. NHS Consultants Go Private!
The funding crisis in​ the​ National Health Service is​ so dire that at​ least 4,​000 frontline jobs might be axed say the​ Royal College of​ Nursing. Theres no doubt that there will be an impact on​ patients,​ says their spokesperson. This is​ not the​ sort of​ thing that is​ going to​ be resolved by cutting back on​ chocolate biscuits in​ the​ boardroom. the​ staff that we are looking at​ losing are not office based,​ theyre people who are providing frontline services. Little surprise therefore,​ that people in​ the​ know are going private for their medical care! According to​ a​ recent survey by BUPA,​ 41% of​ NHS Consultants have protected their medical care by going private. Isnt that a​ vote of​ confidence!
The British Medical Association BMA feebly argues that the​ Consultants commitment to​ private medical cover doesnt demonstrate a​ lack of​ confidence in​ the​ NHS.
The Deputy Chairman of​ the​ BMAs Consultants Committee whispers,​ Consultants may also like the​ anonymity of​ private care. One of​ the​ problems of​ being treated in​ the​ NHS is​ that Consultants might find themselves in​ a​ bed next to​ one of​ their patients.
What a​ joke! Surely,​ being treated in​ a​ bed next to​ one of​ their patients would underline their commitment and confidence in​ the​ NHS. Their presence in​ a​ private ward only serves to​ emphasize their lack of​ confidence!
Remember that private medical insurance doesnt provide care if​ you​ have an accident thats still the​ role of​ the​ Accident and Emergency Unit at​ your nearest NHS hospital. the​ overwhelming advantage of​ going private,​ is​ to​ ensure you​ get prompt care for planned surgery and medical situations that arise at​ short notice,​ in​ a​ hospital of​ your choice. the​ case of​ Dr Sarah Burnett makes the​ point.
Dr Burnett is​ a​ Radiology Consultant with 15 years service in​ the​ NHS. She chose to​ take out private medical insurance because she was unhappy with the​ level of​ care she saw first hand. NHS treatment is​ not a​ pleasant experience in​ any way from the​ standard of​ the​ food,​ to​ ward cleanliness and the​ chance of​ catching MRSA,​ she observes.
Last year during a​ private medical screening,​ Dr Burnet was diagnosed with multiple small tumours in​ her breast. the​ cancer required urgent and specialised surgery. Within hours she saw the​ consultant surgeon who organised a​ skinsparing mastectomy. a​ few days later she was recovering from the​ surgery.
I was lucky enough to​ have exceptionally prompt treatment because I ​ choose to​ pay for insurance. Under the​ NHS I ​ would not have been screened for breast cancer until I ​ was 50 and would not have been able to​ catch my cancer at​ such an early stage. the​ type of​ surgery I ​ had is​ only rarely available on​ the​ NHS,​ depending on​ the​ experience of​ your local surgeon,​ said Dr Burnet.
If you,​ like Dr Burnet and almost half of​ the​ UK s NHS Consultants,​ want to​ sidestep the​ NHS and go private,​ its wise to​ take out private health insurance. Choosing the​ right medical insurance cover is,​ unfortunately,​ quite complicated. you​ need to​ decide the​ standard of​ hospitals you​ would want to​ use,​ the​ level of​ cover and various other options. For this reason,​ you​ need specialised advice from a​ professional medical insurance broker. These people know exactly whats on​ the​ market and can access it.
Where better to​ find these brokers than the​ Internet? Just use Google or​ your favourite search engine,​ to​ search for medical insurance. Youll find all the​ top medical brokers there. if​ you​ see the​ insurance companys own sites steer clear they can only sell you​ their own products and you​ really need independent advice to​ be able to​ identify which,​ within the​ whole market,​ is​ best for you.
Oh yes,​ make sure you​ chose a​ site that puts you​ directly in​ touch with an adviser. Ideally,​ you​ should talk over your requirements and chat to​ the​ adviser about the​ best alternatives. you​ dont need a​ home visit as​ all this can easily be done over the​ phone. And buying through a​ broker wont cost you​ a​ penny more than going direct to​ the​ insurance company. in​ fact a​ broker can sometimes be cheaper!
The marvels of​ the​ Internet!

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