Mba And Tertiary Education Programs In China

With China becoming the​ 6th largest economy in​ 2004 and​ likely to​ rank 4th in​ 2018, this is​ likely to​ fuel further anxieties over the​ impact of​ China`s rising economic might for​ the​ world economic leaders. But for​ company executives and​ aspiring young entrepreneurs, it​ has become imperative to​ understand China so as​ to​ explore the​ increasing business opportunities in​ China.

One of​ the​ usual route for​ this is​ to​ study and​ build social networks at​ the​ leading Chinese universities. Latest available figures show that there were about 85,000 foreign students studying in​ China in​ 2002. Almost 500 Chinese universities, mainly in​ Shanghai and​ Bejing, accept foreign students. the​ top 5 universities with the​ largest foreign students are Beijing Language and​ Culture Center, Fudan, Peking, Tsinghua and​ Shanghai universities.

If you are planning to​ do a​ post-graduate MBA program while working in​ China, there are many learning organizations to​ choose from.

The University of​ Maryland`s Smith School of​ Business offers a​ degree, custom and​ certification programs at​ learning centers within Beijing and​ Shanghai. Smith`s first executive MBA program class started in​ Jan 2003 and​ graduated in​ spring 2004.

The University of​ Wisconsin Milwaukee`s School of​ Business Administration has recently launched an​ EMBA program in​ Beijing in​ partnership with Motorola for​ staff of​ Motorola`s China operations.

Together with the​ top-ranked Jiao Tong University in​ Shanghai, the​ University of​ British Columbia is​ also offering an​ International MBA in​ China. Besides having the​ same curriculam as​ its Canadian MBA, professors from the​ University of​ British Columbia teach all of​ the​ courses.

Another EMBA program is​ the​ Cass EMBA 2-year part-time off-campus program by City University from Britian which has been launched in​ collaboration with Bank of​ China and​ the​ Shanghai University of​ Finance & Economics.

Britain`s Nottingham University is​ the​ first foreign university to​ establish a​ physical campus in​ Ningbo in​ September 2004. Nottingham Ningbo`s degree is​ comparable with its degree from the​ British campus with all courses conducted in​ English.

The Chinese government is​ actively promoting more educational tie-ups in​ China to​ develop university graduates who will be better geared for​ the​ many multinational corporations operating in​ China and​ spearhead economic growth. Currently, there are about 700 such jointly managed educational programs in​ China.

With the​ many future and​ current leaders and​ managers in​ China enrolling in​ the​ many tertiary education and​ post-graduate MBA programs, it​ makes good career sense to​ take up these courses and​ build a​ social network which will be useful for​ operating within Chinese business community for​ the​ future.
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