Maximize The Results Of Your Online Web Meetings

Maximize The Results Of Your Online Web Meetings

Maximize the​ Results of​ Your Online Web Meetings
Before holding an​ online web meeting, you must be aware of​ the​ following:
1 .​
Your online web meeting should be short and​ on track .​
The duration of​ the​ event should be no longer then one hour or​ maximum of​ one hour and​ thirty minutes.
2 .​
What type of​ questions will you ask those attending the​ web meeting? Asking questions keeps everyone’s attention and​ allows you to​ effectively teach your guests.
3 .​
As a​ courtesy to​ others in​ attendance, ask guests to​ hold their questions until the​ end of​ the​ meeting .​
Chances are that you will answer most questions during your presentation .​
Asking guests to​ hold their questions will reduce the​ overall meeting time for​ everyone.
4 .​
Advise guests to​ preinstall the​ web meeting plugin before the​ live meeting .​
If guests will be speaking during a​ meeting, advise them to​ use the​ integrated audio setup and​ testing feature before the​ live meeting .​
Guests can perform this audio setup and​ test without logging in.
5 .​
Prepare an​ optimized version of​ your PowerPoint® that is​ less than 2 MB .​
This will allow guests to​ see the​ presentation quickly and​ easily.

6 .​
Always have a​ recording of​ your presentation available before a​ live meeting .​
Recorded presentations can be enjoyed by those unable to​ attend the​ live meeting .​
In the​ event a​ guest has a​ problem with their computer or​ internet connection, they can still enjoy the​ presentation .​
You may have invested thousands of​ dollars to​ promote your web meetings, and​ you lose time and​ money when someone can not attend the​ live meeting or​ has some problem that is​ beyond your control.

7 .​
Practice your entire live presentation using the​ web meeting room program a​ minimum of​ 5 to​ 7 times from start to​ finish .​
This is​ the​ most important thing you need to​ know before holding an​ online web meeting.
8 .​
Make sure the​ online web meeting service you are using offers free live training .​
9 .​
When it​ comes to​ web meetings, choosing the​ right service that meets your needs can be a​ daunting task .​
Make sure the​ program you choose meets the​ following important criteria:
• Login is​ fast and​ easy.
• Those with a​ dial-up connection can participate without problems.
• Web meeting program works with corporate firewalls.
• No Active-X control is​ required to​ run the​ program.
• You can easily create and​ manage live meeting polls and​ surveys.
• You can create and​ host your own custom registration pages.
• No scheduling is​ required, you can hold meetings anytime you decide.
• You can use any payment gateway to​ sell access to​ your meetings.
• the​ PowerPoint® presenter displays slides in​ dual format .​
• Live video conferencing offers synchronized audio and​ video.
• Your guests can enjoy hands free meetings, you control everything they see.
• You can record and​ control your recorded presentations.

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