Maternity Insurance And The Cost Of Pregnancy Fact And Fiction

Maternity Insurance and the​ Cost of​ PregnancyFact and Fiction
If you​ are pregnant,​ are considering becoming pregnant,​ or​ have someone on​ your health insurance plan that is​ pregnant or​ will become pregnant and especially if​ you​ live in​ the​ state of​ Florida then this is​ the​ Maternity Insurance Article for you. the​ aim of​ this article is​ to​ explain some of​ the​ maternity options available to​ you​ and to​ debunk some common myths concerning maternity insurance,​ maternity riders,​ maternity discount plans,​ and other types of​ maternity coverage.
First of​ all,​ if​ you​ are a​ Florida resident and you​ are pregnant and do not have maternity coverage then you​ will not be eligible for maternity coverage under an individual health insurance plan. Those with the​ foresight to​ plan ahead and purchase some type of​ maternity coverage before they become pregnant are rewarded while those who wait until they are actually pregnant are of​ course not afforded individual maternity coverage. if​ you​ are pregnant and have access to​ a​ group plan through you​ or​ your spouses employer then now is​ the​ time to​ seriously inquire about your enrollment options as​ many group health insurance plans usually cover maternity just as​ they do any other illness. Naturally,​ sick people always want health insurance and people with a​ pregnancy in​ the​ family always want some form of​ maternity insurance.
if​ you​ are not pregnant and would like to​ add on​ additional maternity coverage to​ your individual health insurance plan then there are a​ few things that you​ should know. Most individual health insurance policies will allow you​ some measure of​ maternity coverage in​ the​ form of​ a​ rider for an additional cost. it​ is​ quite common for a​ maternity rider to​ have a​ waiting period of​ at​ least 12 months before they pay out any type of​ maternity benefit. Still some other maternity riders,​ such as​ the​ one that Golden Rule/United Healthcare offers in​ Florida allow full benefits to​ be paid up to​ a​ set amount after 12 months and 50% of​ the​ benefit paid out beginning immediately.
So how much does a​ pregnancy in​ our example state of​ Florida really cost anyway? How much of​ a​ maternity benefit should I ​ be certain to​ have? How much can I ​ anticipate paying out of​ pocket for the​ pregnancy and related expenses? These are all important questions and the​ answer may be,​ Not quite as​ much as​ you​ at​ first think. According to​ FloridaCompare. gov the​ statewide average charge for a​ normal delivery is​ $1,​689 while the​ statewide average charge for a​ cesarean section is​ $14,​458. as​ you​ can see there is​ quite a​ range in​ the​ cost depending on​ if​ there are any complications present during the​ pregnancy.
the​ important thing is​ to​ know the​ options that are available to​ you​ and to​ obtain maternity insurance and health insurance before you​ need it!
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