Materials For Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Materials For Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Your kitchen backsplash can accent your kitchen and it​ can be both functional as​ well as​ beautiful since it​ can be crafted from such easy to​ clean materials as​ ceramic and stainless steel which are two of​ the most popular types of​ kitchen backsplashes.. Whether you are changing the look of​ the backsplash or​ adding one this can be a​ quick and easy way to​ brighten up an​ existing kitchen

When selecting a​ backsplash, it​ is​ important to​ have it​ match the fixtures in​ your kitchen, but not the appliances, since they will change over time. The fixtures however are more permanent items in​ the kitchen.

The most popular materials for kitchen backsplashes are ceramic or​ porcelain tiles, natural stone tiles, glass or​ metal tiles, and faux painting or​ wall paper.

Kitchen Backsplash Materials to​ Consider

When you are creating a​ kitchen backsplash consider these materials:

Ceramic or​ porcelain tiles
Natural stone tiles
Glass tiles
Metal tiles
Faux painting or​ durable wall paper
Stainless Steel

Tile Backsplashes

The nice thing about using tile as​ a​ backspash is​ that it​ comes is​ a​ huge variety of​ sizes, colors, textures and shapes. it​ is​ even possible to​ have custom painted tiles to​ match any theme of​ design. in​ addition a​ tile backsplash can be easy to​ install, as​ well as​ easy to​ clean. Many design experts say that you should consider keeping it​ simple by choosing the same tile for your kitchen backsplash as​ you've chosen for the floor - just in​ a​ smaller size.

Natural Stone Tiles

The most popular natural stone tiles are marble and granite. of​ the natural stones marble captures more detail than granite and since it​ is​ a​ softer stone it​ is​ good for applications like kitchen backsplashes.

Metal Tiles

This material can work very well for use in​ country kitchen style backsplashes. The tiles can be installed as​ the entire surface from counter to​ the bottom of​ the cabinets. Brushed aluminum tiles are good for modern or​ 1950's retro design kitchens. Metal tiles should match the color of​ the faucets and lighting.

Glass Tiles

A new design trend in​ kitchen backspashes is​ glass. Textured glass tiles are usually installed between the cabinets and counters. Glass is​ easy to​ clean and scratch resistant.

Wallpapering Kitchen Backsplashes

Wallpapering kitchen backslashes can dress up a​ kitchen with very little work especially with pre-pasted wallpaper this will be a​ lot easier to​ apply. You will find that with a​ small area for the backsplash the job shouldn't take very much time to​ complete. Just make sure that you choose wallpaper that is​ washable so that spattering from cooking and splashes can be removed.
Stainless Steel Kitchen Backsplashes

Stainless steel backsplashes are coming back in​ style because they can create a​ modern streamlined look to​ your kitchen. These types of​ kitchen backsplashes are able to​ blend in​ well with stainless steel kitchen appliances like the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher. Other advantages to​ stainless steel kitchen backsplashes include being easy to​ clean and durability.

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