Massive Potential To Profit From Real Estate Investment In Romania

Massive Potential To Profit From Real Estate Investment In Romania

Massive Potential to​ Profit from Real Estate Investment in​ Romania
According to​ a​ recent report released in​ the​ UK about which European property markets have the​ greatest potential for​ growth and​ profit over the​ coming decade, Romania topped the​ lot.
Romania, located in​ southeastern Europe, is​ a​ nation poised on the​ brink of​ full European Union membership and​ one benefiting from substantial foreign direct investment and​ economic advancement as​ a​ result .​
According to​ the​ report these facts mean that over the​ coming decade the​ housing market in​ Romania will likely go from strength to​ strength and​ anyone who invests before EU membership is​ cemented could net up to​ 400% profit on their investment in​ the​ next ten years.
The report was based on an​ economic assessment and​ overview of​ each country in​ Europe and​ included analysis of​ the​ room for​ growth within each country’s real estate sector .​
Because property prices in​ Romania start from as​ little as​ twenty thousand US dollars, the​ room for​ property price expansion is​ clear .​
the​ low starting prices for​ real estate in​ Romania also mean that its property sector is​ already attracting substantial international real estate investor interest.
Investors from all backgrounds are attracted to​ Romania – those with a​ small sum of​ money to​ invest are looking to​ make immediate gains from buying apartments in​ Bucharest pre-construction which can be purchased by stage payment and​ profited from upon completion when investors are flipping the​ real estate right back into the​ market .​
Those with more substantial sums of​ money to​ invest are generally drawn to​ either the​ commercial property sector in​ Bucharest or​ Romania’s burgeoning tourism market .​

Opportunities in​ Romania’s tourism market exist along the​ country’s stunning and​ as​ yet undeveloped 225km of​ Black Sea coastline and​ also in​ Romania’s quality but as​ yet little known winter sport resorts .​
Accommodation in​ these locations is​ required to​ let out to​ tourists and​ a​ growing number of​ British, Russian and​ eastern European citizens are also seeking second homes in​ these areas of​ Romania as​ well, with most preferring to​ purchase established but well renovated properties.
Other opportunities exist in​ the​ form of​ fairytale properties for​ sale in​ Transylvania with castles, medieval houses and​ entire farms available for​ sale to​ overseas investors looking to​ diversify their property portfolios and​ buy real estate in​ one of​ the​ most stunningly beautiful, romantic and​ ancient European countries.
If the​ real estate and​ economic expert analysis of​ Romania’s property market potential is​ correct, those who buy in​ Romania today could be looking at​ the​ realization of​ 400% profit within the​ next ten years – this means that someone who invests as​ little as​ twenty thousand dollars today could potentially reap sixty thousand dollars profit within ten years…now that’s what I​ call potential!

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