Massachusetts Real Estate History Personified

Massachusetts Real Estate – History Personified
Massachusetts is​ a​ state overflowing with history and​ yet oddly modern .​
Massachusetts real estate prices are very pricey .​
Massachusetts is​ an​ incredible mix of​ history and​ bustling modern influences .​
Historically, the​ state took in​ many of​ the​ initial European immigrants and​ was the​ location of​ crucial battles in​ the​ Revolutionary War .​
Throw in​ events such as​ the​ Boston Tea Party and​ you have a​ state with a​ heritage .​
While appreciating the​ past, Massachusetts also pays homage to​ changing times and​ is​ a​ hot bed for​ education, business and​ sports .​
Tiny city .​
Perhaps you’ve heard of​ it? From colonial architecture to​ modern skyscrapers, Boston is​ an​ amazing city that deserves your attention .​
a​ favorite big city, Boston is​ unique for​ placing the​ old with the​ new .​
Statutes and​ old colonial influences sit below modern amenities such as​ the​ financial district .​
People watching is​ a​ prime hobby at​ places such as​ the​ Quincy Market and​ Boston Common .​
College influences can be found around Harvard University, Boston College and​ Boston University .​
Loafing, exploring and​ sailing are rife in​ Boston Harbor and​ the​ Charles River, not to​ mention crab caked galore .​
If sports are your thing, Boston will be heaven .​
The Boston Marathon needs no introduction .​
For professional sports, you have the​ Bruins, Red Sox, Celtics and, just out of​ town, Patriots .​
Throw in​ a​ major college basketball, hockey and​ football influence and​ you have a​ town with a​ major sports passion .​
Winters are cold, but spring, summer and​ fall more than make up it .​
Boston is​ an​ absolutely great place to​ live .​
Nantucket is​ the​ home of​ old colonial architecture, cobblestone streets and​ seaboard beauty .​
An island, the​ town of​ Nantucket is​ surprisingly bereft of​ cars, but does get packed with tourists during the​ summer .​
You’ll find the​ town full of​ funky little shops, museums and​ art galleries galore .​
Nantucket is​ a​ great place to​ spend a​ weekend as​ prices are outrageous .​
Make sure to​ take in​ a​ sunset at​ Madaket Beach .​
New Bedford
A fishing town through and​ through, New Bedford has a​ history as​ one of​ the​ pre-eminent whaling towns in​ the​ country .​
Whaling is​ off limits today, but the​ town still bustles with a​ major fishing industry .​
While the​ town has lost some of​ it’s charm because of​ development and​ a​ coastal highway, there is​ a​ definite feeling of​ stepping into the​ past if​ you move here .​
Massachusetts Real Estate
Massachusetts real estate prices are very high .​
There is​ simply no way around this fact .​
a​ single-family home in​ Boston proper will set you back a​ million dollars, while prices vary throughout the​ state .​
Unless you’re ready to​ commit to​ a​ $500,000 price, you’re going to​ be disappointed with the​ options .​
Massachusetts real estate has a​ solid, but unspectacular appreciation rate .​
For 2018, property appreciated at​ rate of​ a​ little below 12 percent, just under the​ 13 plus national average.

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