Masculine Skin Care For The Summer

Masculine Skin Care For The Summer

Masculine Skin Care for​ the​ Summer
You agree youd rather die than be caught by your buddies stepping into a​ spa or​ salon . ​
Growing up with a​ crowd that defines skin care as​ soap and​ water,​ you​ are afraid to​ admit that you​ want better skin . ​
No matter how much you​ diss the​ socalled metrosexuals brave souls! for​ their skin regimens that rival ladies,​ you​ are a​ bit jealous . ​
it​ doesnt help either that summer is​ upon us and​ your skin is​ blooming in​ zits . ​
Okay,​ admit it​ you​ want to​ be just like them but dont know where to​ start . ​
Before shopping for​ skin care items,​ wearing a​ clown suit,​ and​ asking the​ salesperson for​ that thingy with tiny beads,​ yknow?,​ here is​ a​ rundown of​ the​ things you​ ought to​ know . ​

Recite it​ all together now cleanse,​ tone,​ moisturize,​ nourish,​ and​ protect . ​
Dont follow it​ with a​ karate chop; its not a​ kung fu mantra . ​
Rather,​ this is​ your new creed for​ improved skin . ​
Michele Probst,​ an​ expert in​ masculine skin care,​ says that skin is​ oilier during summer because of​ the​ humidity . ​
Heat caused by humidity makes facial oils,​ or​ sebum rise to​ the​ surface . ​
These oils trap dirt into the​ pores which bacteria turn into zits or​ pimples . ​
She adds that mens facial skin has larger pores with 20% more oil compared to​ women . ​
This means that the​ old soap and​ water routine is​ not enough . ​
She outlines the​ above mantra as​ an​ easy fivestep method to​ clearer skin . ​

Cleansing is​ easy with the​ number of​ products available in​ the​ groceries and​ ​Drug​ stores today . ​
Probst advises the​ use of​ products that are free of​ chemicals and​ harsh ingredients . ​
Cleansers and​ soaps made of​ natural components are available in​ many variants but choose one that is​ specified for​ facial skin care . ​
Keep deodorant soaps for​ your body and​ dont burden your face with deodorant residue . ​
if​ you​ are not sure what brand or​ kind works best for​ you,​ consult a​ dermatologist . ​
if​ you​ are afraid,​ buy trial packs or​ small sizes and​ try each for​ a​ week . ​
Since you​ are buying all natural products,​ there are only minimal risks of​ irritation involved . ​
Just make sure that you​ are not allergic to​ the​ cleansers components . ​

Exfoliation and​ toning do not involve wrenches or​ dumbbells,​ either . ​
it​ means removing dead skin cells to​ smoothen skins surface . ​
Probst suggests the​ use of​ facial scrubs . ​
These scrubs are just like cleansers but with soft and​ mild abrasives like beads incorporated in​ the​ formula . ​
Effective scrubs for​ summer are Jojoba beads . ​
These are mild enough for​ regular skin care but effective in​ removing dead cells . ​
Since you​ spend most of​ your time outdoors in​ summer,​ your facial skin is​ in​ greater risk of​ dirt and​ pollutants . ​
Nobody wants to​ be a​ summer hermit,​ so toners are your best friends to​ continue enjoying your active lifestyle . ​
Probst explains that toning does not only remove dirt from your face; it​ also keeps skin supple and​ resilient . ​
She suggests using astringents with glycolic acids twice a​ day to​ reduce the​ size of​ the​ pores and​ prevent ingrown hairs during shaving . ​

Of course,​ skin care is​ not all about cleansing and​ keeping dirt of​ your face . ​
Facial skin especially needs nourishment and​ protection . ​
Nourishment comes in​ the​ form of​ moisturizers . ​
Yes,​ your skin still needs light moisturizers even if​ it​ is​ oily . ​
These moisturizers hydrate your skin to​ regulate oil production . ​
Probst recommends applying moisturizers the​ areas under the​ eyes and​ the​ sides of​ the​ mouth . ​
Doing so prevents the​ onset of​ something worse than zits wrinkles . ​
Eye gels and​ face serums with Vitamin E and​ chamomile nourish and​ refresh your skin . ​
it​ is​ unwise to​ let all your skin care efforts go to​ waste . ​
Probst warns that sun exposure can damage your skin . ​
Wear hats and​ protect your face with sunscreens and​ sunblock creams . ​

Good skin doesnt always come with genes . ​
Proper skin care is​ necessary to​ achieve healthy skin . ​
the​ effort you​ put in​ skin care is​ reflected in​ your mirror soon enough . ​

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