Maryland Real Estate Coastline Dominates

Maryland Real Estate Coastline Dominates

Maryland Real Estate – Coastline Dominates
Maryland is​ unique in​ that many of​ the​ population centers lie on the​ coast of​ the​ Atlantic Ocean .​
If you have a​ hankering to​ be close to​ the​ water, Maryland real estate may be the​ answer.
Maryland, the​ ocean and​ seafood are three words that always go together .​
The dominant feature, of​ course, is​ Chesapeake Bay which is​ the​ lifeblood of​ the​ Maryland fishing industries .​
Take a​ drive up the​ coast and​ you’ll visit modern cities and​ historic little shore towns, all with the​ characteristics of​ any location on the​ ocean in​ any part of​ the​ world .​
Inland, Maryland is​ profiled with mountain ranges and​ historically significant sites from the​ maturation process of​ the​ United States .​
If you’re looking for​ a​ city with an​ eccentric charm, Baltimore is​ a​ hidden gem and​ definitely the​ best city on the​ east coast .​
The city has a​ robust waterfront area with concert pavilions and​ tons of​ little eccentric niches you can see while just walking around .​
There is​ no denying Baltimore is​ a​ historic town, but this history comes from a​ flavorful population .​
Words fail me in​ describing the​ city .​
You just have to​ experience it​ for​ yourself .​
In the​ past, Baltimore had a​ reputation as​ a​ very tough town with crime problems .​
This is​ no longer the​ case and​ presents you with an​ opportunity to​ get in​ the​ bottom floor of​ the​ real estate market .​
Located about an​ hour from Baltimore, Frederick is​ the​ home of​ a​ presidential retreat with an​ overwhelming amount of​ history .​
Yep, I’m talking about Camp David, which is​ located just a​ few miles outside of​ Frederick .​
Wouldn’t you love to​ be a​ fly on the​ wall in​ that compound? Frederick has the​ classic eastern seaboard architectural style and​ temperament with older stone homes and​ such .​
Frederick is​ also centrally located to​ such historic sites as​ Antietam and​ Harpers Ferry .​
Maryland Real Estate
Maryland real estate is​ reasonably priced when compared to​ typical eastern seaboard real estate .​
a​ single family residence in​ Baltimore will set you back $500,000 on average, while the​ same home in​ Frederick will run about $100,000 less .​
The appreciation rate for​ Maryland real estate is​ a​ very strong 22 percent for​ 2018.

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