Malta Casinos

Malta Casinos

Malta has been able to​ preserve one of​ the​ most original medieval looks in​ the​ whole of​ Europe. Cobblestone streets,​ Renaissance cathedrals,​ and baroque architecture are the​ sights that will greet you when you roam the​ narrow streets. Mesmerizing and full of​ mystique,​ Malta invites visitors to​ explore,​ while offering them adventure and excitement. Some of​ this excitement can be found in​ the​ Malta casinos.

There are just a​ handful of​ Malta casinos,​ four to​ be more exact,​ and they are situated all over this small and exquisite country. the​ largest Malta casino is​ the​ Dragonara casino and it​ is​ located in​ St Julians. the​ Dragonara casino has about 25 game tables and 184 slot machines. Malta casinos open around 2 pm and close anywhere from 4 to​ 5 am every morning,​ but not before they have made sure to​ have satisfied all guests and players in​ the​ house.

Other forms of​ gambling in​ Malta include betting on​ horse and dog racing,​ which is​ legal and therefore openly advertised and entertained. if​ you have never participated at​ any such games before,​ you are sure to​ enjoy the​ thrill and excitement of​ live entertainment,​ especially if​ you are a​ gambler yourself.

Malta law does not allow gambling or​ consumption of​ alcoholic beverages by anyone who is​ under the​ age of​ 18. While proof of​ your age may not be necessary when soliciting alcoholic beverages,​ you may be asked for photo identity when entering a​ casino. Following all the​ house rules when in​ a​ casino are required and failing to​ do so may result in​ your being removed from the​ casino's premises.

Malta has many cultures including Italian,​ Arabic,​ Asian,​ and Maltese. the​ official languages are Maltese and English,​ but you will find Italian is​ widely spoken due to​ the​ vast amount of​ Italians in​ the​ country. All casinos,​ however,​ have personnel that speak English fluently due to​ its international guests and tourists.

If you are not gambling in​ one of​ Malta's four casinos,​ you can spend days admiring the​ architecture and scenic views from any point or​ part of​ this gorgeous country. if​ you are already in​ Europe,​ a​ cruise to​ Malta is​ the​ best bargain; once in​ Malta,​ you can relax and enjoy all it​ has to​ offer.

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