Malaysia Casinos

Malaysia Casinos

When you think of​ Malaysia the​ first thing that comes to​ mind is​ vibrant colors,​ spices and the​ tropical weather of​ a​ never-ending summer. Malaysia is​ a​ very popular destination for tourists around the​ world and for a​ good reason,​ it​ offers just about everything you can wish and hope to​ do on​ a​ vacation in​ order to​ have fun,​ relaxation,​ excitement as​ well as​ trying your hand at​ becoming rich over night in​ the​ famous Malaysia casinos at​ the​ Genting Group.

The Genting Group is​ situated about an​ hour drive from Kuala Lumpur,​ the​ capital of​ Malaysia on​ the​ top of​ one of​ the​ mountain peaks of​ the​ Titiwangsa Mountains at​ 2000 meters above sea level. Genting Group is​ one of​ the​ most famous resorts in​ Malaysia; it​ has the​ largest hotel in​ the​ world boasting 6,​118 rooms,​ which beats the​ MGM Grand of​ Las Vegas,​ which has 5,​690 rooms and is​ the​ second largest hotel in​ the​ world.

Genting Group also shelters the​ only legal Malaysia casinos and where you will be delighted to​ find every game you can think of​ and more. There are 426 game tables and 3,​140 slot machines open 24 hours a​ day for the​ entertainment of​ the​ guests.

The best way to​ enjoy all the​ luxurious facilities the​ Genting Group resort has to​ offer is​ to​ stay in​ their hotel for the​ duration of​ your vacation; you can have access to​ the​ casino 24 hours a​ day and when you decide to​ explore Malaysia you can jump in​ a​ car and head to​ Kuala Lumpur as​ it​ is​ a​ short drive away.

Besides the​ beautiful casino,​ the​ Genting Group resort offers everything a​ five star hotel promises,​ swimming pools,​ shopping arcade,​ a​ variety of​ restaurants and even a​ theme park that is​ similar to​ the​ Disney World,​ which your children will simply adore irrelevant of​ the​ age group.

In Malaysia casinos you have to​ be 18 years of​ age to​ gamble or​ enjoy any alcoholic beverage. Do not venture in​ other casinos besides the​ one available in​ the​ Genting Group,​ as​ they are not government approved and therefore not legal. However,​ once you visit the​ Genting Group resort and its casino it​ is​ unlikely that you will wish to​ spend your time and changes of​ winning anywhere else in​ the​ country. Malaysia's only casino is​ build to​ provide all the​ entertainment you can hope for and who knows this may be the​ right place where lady luck may smile down on​ you too.

Malaysia Casinos

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