Making Your Dog Win In Sled Races

Making Your Dog Win In Sled Races

So,​ you​ decided to​ train your dog win in​ sled races. Here are some tips to​ do it.

1. Provide dry and clean bedding.

If you​ want to​ have a​ winning dog,​ provide him first with a​ clean and complete house. it​ is​ your duty and responsibility that your dog must have adequate and clean bedding.

2. Give high quality diet.

Give your dog the​ best diet that you​ can find. All year round,​ feed him with the​ best diet possible. This includes giving the​ dog some quality fat in​ his diet. Fat gives your dog enough energy to​ run. How much fat you​ give depends on​ various factors. For example,​ Alaskan Huskies are burning fat seemingly by just standing still! Some dogs like Malamutes and Siberians do not require fat as​ much. Don’t scrimp on​ quality.

3. Follow schedule.

Make a​ regular schedule for your dog to​ relieve himself. Stick to​ the​ schedule. Making a​ schedule to​ relieve your dog will earn you​ his trust. Whether the​ schedule is​ every after two or​ four hours (or more),​ follow strictly your schedule.

4. Provide shade.

Give shades to​ your dogs,​ especially in​ summer.

5. Clean your dog regularly.

Clean the​ dog's house regularly. This is​ also for your dog's good health.

6. Control flies.

Your dog would appreciate if​ you​ put something on​ him to​ defend him against flies.

7. Give water consistently,​ adding a​ few more buckets in​ summer.

Like humans,​ your dog needs water too. Give them clean water regularly. Add a​ few buckets of​ water in​ summer,​ when the​ heat is​ too much for some dogs.

When your dog is​ training and running all day long,​ you​ might want to​ give him water right after his run. if​ you​ are training your dog on​ a​ cool season,​ then you​ might probably not give him water every after run. But,​ if​ you​ are training in​ summer,​ be sure that you​ give your dog water consistently. Your dog might collapse from heat if​ you​ ignore his need for water.

9. Buy your dog from well known breeders.

If you​ have no dog yet,​ you​ might want to​ buy a​ puppy from a​ winning breeder. Winning bloodlines enhance your dog's chances of​ winning. of​ course,​ having a​ dog from a​ winning breed does not ensure outright victory in​ sled racing. the​ dog still has to​ be trained to​ win.

Having a​ winning dog in​ sled races is​ a​ cooperation between your dog and his trainer - you. it​ entails a​ lot of​ mutual trust and care to​ ensure a​ winning dog.

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