Making Summer Reading Fun And Exciting

Making Summer Reading Fun And Exciting

Asking most kids to​ pick up a​ book during July or​ August is​ like asking them to​ clean their room or​ eat their Brussels sprouts. Fortunately, there's a​ simple solution to​ the quandary of​ summer reading lists: Stock them with titles that are fun and challenging and encourage kids to​ look beyond a​ book's covers.

"A Treasure's Trove" (Treasure Trove, Inc.) by Michael Stadther is​ one such book to​ consider. a​ beautifully illustrated fairy tale suitable for children of​ all ages, it​ became a​ New York Times best-seller, captured the hearts and imaginations of​ children and families and, through clues hidden in​ its pages, inspired a​ nationwide treasure hunt. at​ the request of​ teachers and librarians, the author has read it​ to​ children at​ hundreds of​ schools throughout North America and at​ the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

The story, which appeals to​ both boys and girls, takes place in​ the Great Forest and tells a​ sweet (and sometimes sad) tale of​ friendship and greed, good and dark fairies and how love can overcome fear. There is​ plenty of​ action and suspense, plus beautiful fairies and romance. The book is​ all about family values, love and cooperation, loyalty and friendship. it​ teaches children the importance of​ saving the forests, about working together to​ accomplish their goals and that they need not be afraid of​ the dark.

"This book's value is​ truly in​ the words and excitement on the kids' faces," said Katie Mullins, a​ 3rd grade teacher at​ Degan Elementary School in​ Lewisville, Texas.

Now Available:

Free Teachers' Guide & Books

Because children quickly and easily gravitate to​ the book's characters and themes, teachers asked the author if​ he could provide additional "Treasure Trove" material for classroom use. in​ response, "A Treasure's Trove Teachers' Guide," developed in​ conjunction with a​ panel of​ leading educational advisors in​ the U.S., is​ now available for download at​

Intended as​ an​ enrichment tool, it​ is​ chock-full of​ puzzles and activities in​ such subject areas as​ reading comprehension, poetry, music composition, map reading and drawing, problem solving and critical thinking. The first 1,000 educators to​ register online for the new guide will receive a​ free copy of​ "A Treasure's Trove," "A Puzzle Book Companion" and the "Official Solution Book to​ a​ Treasure's Trove."

In September 2018, the book's sequel, "Secrets of​ the Alchemist Dar," will be released-this time accompanied by a​ worldwide treasure hunt. Once again, Stadther will visit schools to​ read the book to​ students in​ grades 3 and up. Teachers and principals interested in​ having the author visit their schools should sign up early by visiting

"A Treasure's Trove" is​ available in​ hard- and softcover at​ major bookstores and

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