Making A Splash In The Kitchen Suggestions For Spicing Up Your

Making A Splash In The Kitchen Suggestions For Spicing Up Your Backsplash

If it's true that the way to​ a​ man's heart is​ through his stomach, then it​ should come as​ no surprise that women want a​ beautiful yet practical kitchen with all the comforts and amenities the queen of​ the castle deserves. Let's face it, trendy, healthy meals take time and space, and part of​ creating beautiful meals means creating a​ beautiful environment to​ prepare them in. Here are just a​ few suggestions for spicing up your backsplash.

1. Start by evaluating your personality and the look of​ your home, especially your kitchen and work within the theme or​ one you'd like to​ accomplish.

2. Set a​ realistic budget and stay within your means, even if​ it​ means getting ingenious and creative about accomplishing your look.

3. Use a​ variety o material(s) to​ define specific work areas, such as​ stainless steel behind the sinks and cook-top and tile in​ surrounding areas.

4. The latest trend calls for using counter top material and following the "theme" all the way up the wall as​ a​ backsplash. According to​ experts, this helps assure continuity of​ design and helps keep the number of​ material choices to​ a​ minimum.

5. Make the backsplash (often forgotten) a​ renovating and redesign essential. Remember, it's at​ eye level and WILL be noticed.

6. if​ you have budget restrictions think about generating a​ focal point by using more expensive material over the cooking are or​ sink and using a​ paint technique, such as​ Venetia Plaster for surrounding areas.

7. Give yourself plenty of​ pleasing options before making a​ decision. Look at​ everything including laminates, glass, ceramics, metal, and solid surfaces, and weigh out the pros and cons of​ each.

8. While neutral is​ most "appealing" you may want to​ consider a​ hint of​ color here and there.

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