Making Prescription Drug Information Easier To Read

Making Prescription Drug Information Easier To Read

If reading those confusing and wordy inserts that come with prescription medications has been a​ hard pill to​ swallow, there's good news. a​ recent Food and Drug Administration law is​ going to​ make this information easier for consumers to​ read and understand.

According to​ the Partnership for Clear Health Communication, this law is​ a​ big step toward improving information about medications. The Partnership for Clear Health Communication is​ a​ national, non-profit coalition working to​ build awareness and advance solutions to​ improve health literacy (the ability to​ read, understand and act on health information) and positively impact health outcomes.

The new labels include information on when and how to​ take the medicine; how it​ works in​ the body; and what you should do if​ you experience any side effects.

Patients who understand this information may be more likely to​ take their medications correctly, which may lead to​ better health outcomes. Even with the new prescription inserts, which will be phased in​ over the next seven years, many people will still have questions about why and how to​ take their medications. The Partnership says that the most important thing you can do for your health is​ to​ ask questions-to your doctor, nurse and pharmacist. Your health care providers want you to​ ask questions. Why? Because they know that if​ you really understand your medical condition, you will be more likely to​ follow their instructions and keep yourself healthy.

Making Prescription Drug Information Easier To Read

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