Making The Most Of Web Directories

Making The Most Of Web Directories

Making the​ Most of​ Web Directories
A web directory is​ just like an​ online phone book .​
It contains listings of​ web sites arranged by category.
While most web directories don’t provide a​ lot of​ traffic it​ is​ still important to​ have your site listed in​ as​ many as​ possible .​
It helps build your web presence, assists with your site’s page rank and​ link popularity.
When looking for​ directories to​ submit your site to, the​ following are good places to​ start:
(1) Search engine listings, just do a​ Google/Yahoo/MSN search for​ web directory
(2) .​, and​ all offer quality directory listings
(3) In forums.
New directories will announce their creation in​ some of​ the​ larger forums .​
You can pick up free one-way listings from new directories that will later on charge for​ inclusion.
Having selected a​ list of​ directories, it’s worth checking a​ few details before listing your link:
(1) Check the​ Page Rank of​ the​ site.
The higher the​ better .​
Site with higher page ranks tend to​ get indexed more quickly and​ are more authorative .​
As a​ general rule don’t add your link to​ a​ site with no page rank.
(2) Check the​ Meta Tags.
On the​ page where your link will be submitted, click View > Page Source on your browser .​
If the​ robots meta tags look like - Meta name=robots content=noindex, nofollow don’t go there, your link wont be indexed and​ your link wont be counted.
(3) Check a​ few links
Again on the​ page where your link will be submitted click View > Page Source on your browser .​
Look at​ the​ coding of​ a​ few links .​
If you see an​ anchor tag with – rel=nofollow you link wont be counted by the​ search engines.
(4) Ensure the​ links are direct
Run you mouse over a​ few links .​
If the​ status bar doesn’t show the​ target URL and​ refers to​ another link within the​ directory your listing will be wasted .​
Also look at​ the​ code for​ a​ few links to​ double check that the​ link does point directly to​ your web page.
And finally here are a​ couple of​ guidelines for​ submitting your link:
(1) Check the​ directory submission guidelines
If you read and​ follow the​ directories submission guidelines, you have a​ better chance of​ having your submission accepted .​
It will also save you time by preventing a​ submission that is​ sure to​ be rejected.
(2) Always submit to​ a​ relevant category.
Most directory owners strive to​ run a​ clean, well-kept directory .​
Submission to​ anything but a​ relevant category significantly increases the​ chance of​ rejection.
(3) Check the​ page rank of​ the​ page your link will be placed upon.
Generally the​ higher the​ page rank the​ better for​ you .​
If there is​ another similar category with a​ higher page rank and​ the​ same or​ less links, then submit your link there.
(4) Submit to​ a​ page with as​ few other links as​ possible.
While future additions may change the​ value, pages with fewer links will transfer more page-rank.
(5) Vary your anchor text and​ description .​
Search engines like it​ better this way .​
Also sprinkle a​ few choice keywords in​ your description.
(6) Make you anchor text to​ be the​ keywords you are focusing on and​ nothing else .​
This maximizes the​ effectiveness of​ the​ link.

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