Making The Most Of A Headphone Review

Making The Most Of A Headphone Review

Making The Most Of a​ Headphone Review
Getting the best from a​ headphone review .​
Listening to​ my music through a​ set of​ quality hi fi home studio stereo speakers is​ the ultimate for least until the found the other option .​
I​ like hearing the mid-range vocals coming out clear and crisp .​
The bass is​ something I​ like to​ feel as​ well as​ hear.
The problem comes when everyone else wants to​ sleep and I​ still want to​ listen to​ some of​ my favorite music .​
In my quest to​ feed the audiophile inside me, I​ finally determined headphones were the answer .​
It was either that or​ go it​ alone .​
But, this presented an​ entirely new set of​ problems.
I discovered these cans had some a​ long way since the last time I​ was looking .​
I​ had choices and a​ lot of​ them .​
I​ could get them with open end or​ closed end .​
In my case, I​ determined closed end would be best so what I​ was listening to​ could not go out and disturb anyone around me .​
It seems with an​ open can, the sound is​ still dispersed somewhat into the surrounding area.
I found out about passive and active noise canceling .​
I​ had to​ choose whether I​ wanted the background noise canceled by just the ear pieces themselves (passive) or​ were those little electronics inside going to​ stop the ambient noise (active) .​
This is​ actually a​ big question .​
Because I​ have a​ long commute to​ work, the active noise reducing headphones would make the noise go away .​
Outside sounds like people talking and appliances running would also have no affect on my streaming audio .​
I​ liked this idea .​
I​ found makes and types that allowed me to​ switch between active and passive mode .​
This was perfect.
In my quest for the best headphones, I​ ran into a​ technology I​ had never heard before about stereo head sets .​
Bluetooth .​
What is​ bluetooth? Wireless? In ear? No cords? You have got to​ be kidding .​
This wireless stuff was sounding very interesting .​
I​ could move with my music and not land on my keester because I​ tripped on the cord .​
All I​ had to​ do was buy a​ wireless set for my stereo and I​ was good to​ go .​
I​ could move up to​ 300 feet away and still enjoy my tunes .​
This meant I​ could be all over the house and listen to​ the radio or​ my favorite CD .​
I​ was REALLY liking this option .​
I​ can not stand to​ sit for very long.
Finding all this out about a​ simple set of​ headphones made me realize it​ was not a​ simple thing and a​ little more in​ depth than I​ initially thought .​
What else was I​ to​ discover?
Well, how about the ultimate in​ any audiophile's dream…surround sound .​
I​ could get a​ head unit that gave me true theater quality music with the touch of​ a​ button .​
I​ have since found out many wireless sets like the Koss, Sony and Sennheiser RS-110, RS-120, RS130 and RS140 from all have single button surround sound .​
This was sounding pretty good to​ me .​
I​ learned I​ could switch from stereo sound to​ surround sound any time I​ wanted.
Because of​ what I​ was able to​ find out, I​ was able to​ make my choice of​ the headphones I​ wanted .​
They are perfect for me .​
I​ am pleased with what I​ bought .​
There is​ a​ set out there for you, too .​
Just do some research and some reviews like I​ did and you can discover a​ complete listening experience like no other.

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