Making Careful Sports Betting Decisions

Making Careful Sports Betting Decisions

There are some many online sportsbooks out there that its hard as​ a​ recreational bettor to​ make a​ decision where you can bet in​ the​ knowledge that you won't be come another person ripped off by a​ rogue sportsbook. the​ fact is​ that there are less dodgy operators around than, say, 2 years ago. However, this does not mean you don't have to​ do your homework when deciding where to​ bet. Here are some simple things to​ look out for​ when selecting an​ online sports betting operator:

Licensing - not enough can be said about this. There are some very questionable places in​ the​ world that grant "gambling licenses". as​ far as​ we are concerned, the​ only places that offer valid licenses are first world countries, Costa Rica and​ Antigua. Steer clear from anything else.

Margin - every sportsbook takes some sort of​ margin on each bet, although it​ varies greatly. if​ either you can not find information about the​ margin, or​ it​ seems excessively high, move on.

Bonuses and​ Promotions - if​ a​ sportsbook offers a​ huge sign up bonus, it​ is​ often reason for​ suspicion. Why would anyone increase your odds by giving you tons of​ free cash. Bonuses have their place, but its a​ sweetener and​ no more.

Payout procedures - Are these clearly published on the​ website? Even if​ its is, send them en email to​ confirm their process and​ turnaround time.

Blacklisted? - You'd be amazed what pops up if​ you search for​ "Sportsbook name" + blacklisted in​ Google.

Customer Service - Phone the​ toll free number listed on the​ site before making a​ deposit. Ask them a​ simple question like what is​ their minimum deposit. if​ you don't get a​ concise answer, in​ proper English, it's time to​ leave.

Track record - How long have they been in​ business, or​ better yet, can you even establish this from their website.

There are many other things to​ look out for​ like ownership and​ awards won. at​ the​ end of​ the​ day, you should trust your gut instincts and​ do enough research to​ make you comfortable. Sports betting should be a​ fun activity and​ free of​ the​ stresses of​ wondering if​ your money is​ safe.

Making Careful Sports Betting Decisions

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