Making The Battery On Your Digital Camera Last Longer

Making The Battery On Your Digital Camera Last Longer

With all the​ features digital cameras have these days, you may find keeping batteries a​ problem. This could well be your biggest expense, but there are some things you can do to​ increase the​ length of​ time your batteries stay charged. Let’s start with the​ three biggest sources of​ power drain.

The LCD screen takes up the​ most power. it​ is​ possible to​ turn this feature off unless you really feel the​ need for​ it. Using the​ camera’s viewfinder will conserve power. Another big power drain is​ the​ flash.

Whenever you can, use natural lighting to​ take your photos and​ turn off the​ flash. This will help save your battery for​ times when you absolutely need the​ flash. a​ third drain on your battery is​ constantly using your zoom. it​ takes more power zooming in​ and​ out than it​ does keeping your zoom at​ a​ steady place. Try to​ find a​ setting you like and​ sticking with it​ as​ much as​ possible.

Some other things you can do to​ make your battery last longer are::

* Make sure Power Saving mode is​ on, or​ simply switch off your camera when you're not using it.

*In cold weather, keep your camera and​ batteries warm in​ your jacket until you are ready to​ use them. the​ cold drains batteries very quickly.

*Store batteries in​ a​ cool, dry location away from sunlight and​ other heat sources.

*Avoid unnecessary playback of​ your already taken images. Try to​ decide when you take the​ picture if​ it​ is​ a​ “keeper” or​ needs deleted and​ then refrain from reviewing until the​ pictures are downloaded to​ your computer.

*Use the​ AC adapter. Most digital cameras have an​ adapter that allows you to​ plug directly into a​ power point. if​ you don’t plan on moving around a​ lot and​ are near an​ outlet, the​ AC adapter will increase the​ life of​ your batteries.

Needing to​ buy more or​ recharge your battery is​ something you won’t be able to​ avoid completely, but with a​ few precautions this won’t be needed as​ often.

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