Make Your Own Hgh While You Sleep

Make Your Own HGH While You Sleep!
Human Growth Hormone HGH has long been viewed as​ a​ remedy for aging and the diseases associated with the aging process. Research published in​ the AMA Journal of​ August 16, 2000 links sleep disorders to​ a​ lack of​ HGH.
In an article on research undertaken at​ the University of​ Chicago, headed by Professor Eve van Cauter, published in​ the August 16, 2000 AMA Journal, a​ link was found between the sleep disorders in​ 149 men aged between 16 and 83 and the lack of​ Human Growth Hormone HGH in​ their blood.
This lack of​ HGH was found to​ be a​ possible cause of​ middle age spread in​ the test subjects, and they theorized that the lack of​ HGH in​ older persons was a​ reason for the typical build up of​ fat and the loss of​ muscle mass.
HGH is​ produced naturally in​ the body, particularly at​ night during deep or​ slow wave sleep, and this component of​ sleep in​ the men was found to​ decrease from 20% for men 25 years or​ younger when their HGH levels were highest, to​ 5% for those over 35. By the age of​ 45, the research found that the men had almost lost the ability to​ fall into a​ deep sleep once they had awakened during the night. it​ found that by 50 years, the amount of​ sleep had declined by 27% a​ decade. They also established that growth hormone secretion decreased by 75% over this period.
There was nothing to​ link the reduction in​ sleep to​ a​ lack of​ HGH this research showed a​ counter link that less HGH was produced by the body because of​ less deep sleep.
How Deep is​ Your Sleep?
Research shows that deep sleep is​ dependent on the state of​ the person as​ they enter into the sleep period or​ in​ other words, how relaxed and safe someone is​ as​ they go to​ bed at​ night.
Unfortunately, people in​ the 1st World suffer from high to​ very high underlying stress levels at​ all times and this influences of​ course the systems of​ the body as​ it​ enters the sleep cycles.
To put it​ simply, the body cannot distinguish between feeling anxious because there are 12 mountain lions just outside the front door and an unpaid bill or​ fear of​ redundancy, being nervous about upcoming events or​ worried for a​ relative.
As a​ result, it​ will naturally go into emergency mode the lighter states of​ sleep which allow for rest but the person remains very aware of​ outside influences, noises and movements and wakes up immediately when there is​ any disturbance, bright aware and ready for action.
This of​ course is​ a​ most useful safety device where mountain lions are concerned; however, it​ was never devised for constant use, a​ lifetimes worth of​ worry and anxiety about all manner of​ things which basically *never ceases at​ all*.
As worries and anxieties and underlying fears are not resolved but tend to​ increase, one piling on top of​ the next and new ones being added as​ the years go by, sleep disturbances increase and HGH levels decrease in​ turn, making it​ harder still to​ find balanced states of​ mind and body and a​ sense of​ security *within ones own self* which are the prerequisites for deep sleep and more HGH production.
Sleeping Without Fear
Now, and although the title of​ the article concerns the topical HGH, there are of​ course all kinds of​ reasons beyond this why sleeping deeply is​ so important.
There are a​ great many reasons for sleep disturbances and if​ in​ doubt, of​ course medical opinions should be sought; clearly however, being unable to​ enter the deep, slow wave sleep states because of​ underlying anxiety, fear and stress is​ the most common problem, affecting a​ large part of​ the population in​ many different ways.
So how can we go to​ sleep without fear?
Ananga Sivyer, author of​ The Art & Science of​ Emotional Freedom, says, I ​ am sure that many sleep disturbances have their root in​ childhood and child rearing. Simply put, children are not designed to​ be left on their own, unguarded, when they are young and vulnerable. Already then, being unable to​ relax deeply and profoundly becomes the normal order of​ things and it​ just gets worse from there.
As this is​ primarily a​ direct physiological set of​ responses in​ reaction to​ perceived vulnerability from the environment, there are a​ number of​ techniques to​ help adults regain a​ sense of​ safety.
Mind Control & Meditation Techniques
Although these can do little about existing background anxiety, these kinds of​ techniques can at​ least relax the body enough so that medium deep sleep with some incidences of​ deep wave sleep can be achieved. in​ turn, if​ this is​ happening regularly, a​ virtuous cycle begins to​ develop whereby the slightly increased vitality and overall functioning of​ the bodys system begin to​ alleviate some of​ the background anxiety in​ turn.
A simple and very useful example is​ to​ turn ones focus from the problems of​ the day to​ imagining a​ guardian of​ some kind being present who will protect the sleeper; this may be a​ person they might know and trust or​ a​ guardian angel, a​ spirit animal or​ any type of​ being or​ creature which will perform the guarding service for the sleeper so they may really go deep and leave their body indeed, vulnerable and unable to​ respond immediately to​ outside stimuli for a​ time whilst they are in​ deep wave sleep.
There are many useful articles on how to​ prepare and slowly remove oneself from the stresses and stressors of​ the day available; also many other meditation and mind control techniques to​ calm the thoughts in​ the moment.
The core component is​ to​ remember that the sleeper will need to​ feel safe and protected what exactly needs to​ be done to​ make this so is​ essentially idiosyncratic and different for different people.
The other avenue in​ order to​ achieve the healing deep wave sleep states is​ to​ begin to​ deal with the background anxiety the main fears and worries that underlie everything else.
A great many people are quite unaware of​ their own background anxiety and how high this actually is. This may be a​ good time to​ point out that everyone has this, and it​ is​ not a​ question of​ strength of​ character, being a​ coward or​ even unusual in​ either men, children or​ women in​ the 1st World.
There is​ an excellent range of​ meridian based self help techniques available today which calm emotions and remove fears and anxiety by working with the human energy system rather than in​ the old fashioned psychoanalytical way; all of​ these are gentle and userfriendly and highly recommended see Resources.
In Conclusion
All the seemingly miraculous effects of​ artificial HGH treatments, from weightloss, better condition, more energy and a​ better functioning immune system can be had quite naturally when we put ourselves in​ a​ position where we can begin to​ produce natural amounts of​ our own HGH again.
For this, we need to​ sleep not a​ lot, but deeply. And in​ order to​ sleep deeply, we need to​ target particularly anxiety, stress and fear, both at​ bedtime as​ well as​ our own individual every day background anxiety levels.
When we do this with the help of​ the many useful new mind and body techniques available, we will reap not only all the advertised HGH benefits, but we will do so naturally, in​ accordance with our own bodies and without fear of​ having to​ pay the price of​ the side effects later. in​ the contrary, we are setting up a​ virtuous cycle of​ healing and improvement in​ our physical and mental functions.
Understanding how important it​ is​ to​ acknowledge, find and treat our fears and anxieties WILL put a​ great many things to​ rights and without complicated diets, additional supplements or​ unnatural exercise programmes.

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