Make Reading Fun Use Personalized Stories

Make Reading Fun Use Personalized Stories

Reading regularly from an​ early age has enormous benefits for a​ child throughout childhood and in​ later life:

* Increased comfort with reading

A comfortable reader is​ a​ confident reader. This means that the speed with which something can be read increases (useful for absorbing information, in​ exams, and also later on in​ the place of​ work), and the reader is​ also more likely to​ be confident and effective when reading aloud. (Presentations, the school play!)

* Increased word power

Coming in​ to​ contact with words more frequently means they are more likely to​ stick in​ the reader's mind, improving spelling. Reading often also enhances the chance of​ encountering new words, and therefore increases the range of​ the reader's vocabulary

* Increased knowledge

Whether reading for pleasure or​ for school, college or​ work, books help to​ broaden our horizons, increasing the general knowledge of​ the reader.

So, how can we ensure that our children read, and read regularly?

There is​ a​ simple thing to​ bear in​ mind to​ ensure a​ child wants to​ read - the child has to​ enjoy reading!

And how is​ this achieved, I hear you say?

For a​ child to​ enjoy reading, the subject matter must be one that they have some familiarity with and more importantly, that they are interested in.

Now here's the real trick : There is​ nothing that interests any child more than themselves!

Personalized stories will inspire the child to​ read and re-read a​ story, because this will be able to​ relate directly with the main character. (It is​ after all, themselves, usually taking part in​ some adventure akin to​ the kind of​ imaginary play the child would normally partake in.)

Even if​ you are reading a​ story to​ an​ infant or​ toddler, the repetition of​ their name will generate interest and excitement in​ the story which will ensure that they enjoy reading the story themselves when they are older.

There are many personalized stories available to​ buy over the Internet, ranging in​ price and quality. Because of​ the personalized nature of​ them, they make an​ ideal gift for special occasions such as​ birthday's and Christmas presents.

Things that you should consider when looking to​ buy a​ personalized story book:

- what level of​ personalization do you require? (Simply the child's name, or​ other details too i.e. friends, age etc.)
- does the book promote a​ positive message?
- how durable is​ the book?
- what will it​ cost? (Don't forgot to​ factor in​ shipping costs!)
- how long does it​ take to​ manufacture? (This can often be the more important factor, particularly if​ purchasing as​ a​ gift.)

Make Reading Fun Use Personalized Stories

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