Make Money Teaching What You Know Start Your Own Tutoring Business

Make Money Teaching What You Know Start Your Own Tutoring Business

Make Money Teaching What You Know - Start Your Own Tutoring Business
Do you enjoy teaching others? Are you looking for the​ flexibility of​ owning your own business? Would you like to​ make on​ an​ average $25 or​ more an​ hour? Then the​ tutoring business might be the​ perfect home business for you to​ start .​
Tutors Wanted!
The good news is​ that there is​ a​ growing demand for tutors .​
Being a​ tutor isn’t just about academics either .​
It can be sports,​ music,​ and the​ arts .​
And it’s just not the​ kids who are looking for tutors .​
With so many adults going back to​ school,​ adults are actively seeking tutors and coaches to​ better themselves .​
Those who make great tutors are teachers,​ teacher’s aids,​ dads,​ moms,​ coaches,​ those who home school,​ and entrepreneurs .​
Anyone that has the​ desire and enjoys teaching will find this a​ great field to​ get into .​
The nice thing about becoming a​ tutor is​ that all you need to​ say is,​ I’m a​ tutor .​
There is​ no state licensing or​ certifications,​ and you don’t need a​ college degree .​
While it’s a​ great selling point if​ you do have some qualifications,​ it’s not necessary .​
Just the​ fact that you’ve helped your own kids with their homework for many years can establish you as​ a​ tutor .​
Here are just a​ few areas that you can choose to​ tutor:
· All subjects taught in​ school
· A foreign language,​ or​ English as​ a​ second language
· Any type of​ Sport
· Any type of​ musical instrument
· Voice lessons
· Reading (Children and Adults)
· College Entrance Exams
· Computers (The senior citizen market is​ a​ great area to​ tap into)
· All types of​ art
This is​ just a​ partial list .​
There are so many areas that could require a​ tutor .​
The Joy Of Owning Your Own Tutor Business
Think about the​ areas you would like to​ teach .​
Don’t be afraid to​ niche yourself .​
While at​ first it​ might seem like a​ good idea to​ tutor all subjects,​ you’ll find that being considered an​ expert in​ one area is​ the​ way to​ go .​
If down the​ road you’re tutoring someone in​ Math who needs additional help in​ English,​ and this is​ something you feel comfortable with,​ go for it,​ but finding your niche is​ always a​ good thing .​
As the​ owner of​ your own tutoring business,​ you can decide the​ client base with which you’d like to​ work .​
If you want to​ work with kids,​ you can decide if​ they will be elementary,​ middle school,​ high school,​ junior college or​ college .​
If you find you get along better with middle aged children,​ then work with them .​
You no longer have to​ make money working with people you really don’t enjoy or​ jive with .​
That’s the​ beauty if​ self-employment .​
What Makes You the​ Expert?
Whether you’re tutoring biology,​ flute,​ or​ soccer; what are your qualifications? Are you a​ teacher? Do you have a​ degree in​ music? Have you been working as​ a​ biologist for many years? Now’s the​ time to​ toot your horn .​
Even if​ you’re a​ mom or​ dad who loves a​ certain subject and has helped your own kids,​ you can easily say you’ve had this many years helping children in​ that particular area .​
Where And When To Teach
The cost of​ starting your own tutor business really isn’t that much when compared to​ other businesses .​
Most of​ the​ time you’ll be teaching in​ your own home at​ your kitchen table .​
You don’t really need any books; your students will bring their own .​
Anything you need to​ buy like flyers and business cards,​ is​ a​ tax write off .​
When school is​ in​ session you’ll find your busiest times will be Monday through Friday from 2:30 PM To 9:00 PM .​
You can decide the​ exact hours you want to​ offer,​ and if​ you want to​ teach on​ the​ weekends .​
You can decide if​ you want to​ work in​ the​ summer,​ since sometimes kids need to​ go to​ Summer school,​ or​ parents simply want their kids to​ have a​ jump-start on​ the​ next grade .​
How much can you really make?
Depending on​ how much you tutor,​ in​ what part of​ the​ country you tutor,​ how in​ demand you are,​ and how many students you have all depends on​ what you’re going to​ make and what you can charge .​
Below is​ a​ chart based on​ making $25 an​ hour,​ which is​ about average for a​ tutor .​
However,​ it’s not unheard of​ for tutors to​ make as​ much as​ $60 an​ hour!
You Charge $25 An Hour…
Your Work 5 Hours a​ Week $500/month
10 Hours a​ Week $1000/month
20 Hours a​ Week $2000/month
40 Hours a​ Week $4000/month
Creating your own tutoring business can be fun,​ challenging,​ rewarding,​ and very profitable financially .​
Find an​ area you love,​ an​ age group you get along with and enjoy teaching,​ and the​ sky is​ the​ limit .​
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