Make Customers Come Back Winning Customer Retention Strategies

Make Customers Come Back Winning Customer Retention Strategies

Make Customers Come Back - Winning Customer Retention Strategies
Customer Retention marketing is​ a​ tactically-driven strategy to​ keep relationships with customers going and​ increase customer interest .​
This strategy relies on the​ study of​ customer behavior .​
Here are the​ basic tenets of​ a​ marketer that seeks to​ increase customer retention:
1 .​
Past and​ Current customer behavior
This is​ the​ best predictor of​ how customers will behave in​ the​ future .​
They are the​ characteristics marketers should most often look at .​
Analyzing customer tendencies and​ trends allows the​ marketer to​ anticipate, if​ not predict, the​ customers reaction to​ different situations .​
The marketer must take note that behavior is​ action oriented, not a​ description .​
For example, being a​ 35-year-old woman is​ not a​ behavior; it’s a​ demographic characteristic .​
For example if​ you know from history that customer a​ is​ likely to​ make a​ purchase if​ presented with a​ discount promotion, then you might want to​ change your marketing tactics to​ include promotional selling when approaching this customer .​
a​ great deal of​ observation is​ needed if​ you desire to​ predict your customers’ behavior .​
This involves a​ great deal of​ notetaking as​ well as​ watching what reaction the​ customer has to​ different situations .​
2 .​
Active customers are happy customers
Happy customers are retained customers .​
If your keep your customers involved, they develop a​ sense of​ contentment from the​ fact that they are in​ control .​
Marketers will take advantage of​ this by offering promotions that allow these customers to​ exercise this feeling of​ control .​
The most common means of​ achieving this kind of​ relationship with your customers is​ to​ offer promotions such as​ discount cards, discounts, sweepstakes, coupons, and​ customer points that can be converted to​ prizes .​
Remember, if​ the​ marketing is​ not active, then the​ customer is​ not active as​ well .​
And as​ we said earlier, active customers are happy customers .​
Inactive customers on the​ other hand are lost customers .​
So activity on the​ part of​ the​ marketer is​ very important .​
Customer retention relies heavily on satisfying your customers.
3 .​
Customer Retention depends on:
- Action
- Reaction
- Feedback
- Iterate
This is​ a​ cycle that the​ marketer should perpetuate .​
If the​ marketer fails to​ continue this cycle, more or​ less, they will start losing the​ customer .​
This process makes for​ a​ constant improvement in​ customer relationship and​ in​ marketing power .​
It also optimizes the​ marketers’ strategy toward the​ customer .​
Remember that not all customers are alike, so adapting your strategy to​ fit the​ unique types of​ customers is​ vital in​ improving customer retention.
- Listen -
It’s funny, but it’s not the​ marketer who does all the​ talking .​
If you expect to​ have your customers to​ listen to​ you, you must also learn to​ listen to​ them .​
Remember that marketers are trying to​ present products or​ services that the​ customer desires .​
The marketer will never learn the​ right approach towards addressing these desires unless he listens to​ his customer.
- React -
Watch for​ the​ customer’s reaction to​ different situations and​ note them down .​
If the​ customer shows favorable reaction to​ a​ particular type of​ pitch talk, try that approach again next time .​
If the​ customer shows a​ negative reaction to, let’s say, too much talking by the​ marketer, the​ marketer should take note of​ this.
- Feedback -
Knowing what goes on in​ the​ mind of​ your customer is​ very important .​
Usually they will be glad to​ have their thoughts regarding your service known .​
The marketer may receive this feedback through suggestion forms, interviews, and​ other methods .​
4 .​
Allocating Marketing Resources
Customer retention is​ not free! You should consider customer retention as​ a​ major activity .​
And all major activities require resources .​
If customer retention is​ not given proper attention, it​ will fail .​
Customer retention needs resources to​ be effective .​
You should not be afraid of​ its costs because customer retention pays its own dividends .​
Remember that is​ easier to​ keep a​ customer than to​ win new ones .​
And that it​ is​ easier to​ lose one than to​ gain one .​
Lost customers will probably never come back .​
And to​ top that, they spread negative publicity about you .​
On the​ other hand, customers that are happy attract more customers to​ your service or​ product .​
Customer retention, therefore, should be an​ integral part of​ any business plan.

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