Macau Casinos

Macau Casinos

Gambling in​ Macau (or Macao) was legalized in​ 1850,​ under Portuguese rule,​ and since that time it​ has been known as​ the​ "Monte Carlo of​ the​ Orient." Both foreign and domestic corporations have invested heavily in​ Macau casinos,​ and tourists frequently visit them from Hong Kong and the​ mainland of​ the​ People's Republic of​ China. in​ fact,​ gambling and tourism are the​ chief sources of​ income in​ Macau.

There are a​ number of​ casinos in​ Macau,​ all operating under government rules and regulations,​ and most are open 24 hours a​ day. Games at​ Macau casinos include blackjack,​ roulette,​ boule,​ sic bo,​ Fan-Tan,​ keno,​ and the​ very popular game of​ baccarat. the​ largest of​ the​ Macau casinos is​ the​ Casino Lisboa,​ a​ four-story complex originally built in​ the​ early 1970's,​ by a​ Stanley Ho company. the​ Casino Lisboa in​ downtown Macau has been enlarged to​ a​ total of​ 927 rooms and another extension is​ planned to​ meet the​ competition of​ the​ adjacent Wynn Macau,​ owned by Steve Wynn of​ Las Vegas.

In comparison,​ the​ Floating Palace,​ located on​ a​ barge about a​ five-minute walk from the​ ferry terminal,​ is​ the​ smallest Macau casino. the​ second deck has six baccarat tables,​ two for blackjack,​ and two for dai-siu and sic bo. in​ addition,​ there is​ a​ small slot machine room and other areas that are probably used for private gambling games. For a​ change of​ pace in​ a​ quieter atmosphere,​ the​ Floating Palace has low table limits and is​ a​ good option to​ consider.

The Pharoah's Casino,​ within the​ 5-star Landmark Hotel,​ is​ in​ a​ prime city center location. the​ Pharaoh's,​ on​ the​ 3rd floor,​ offers a​ luxurious gambling experience,​ with 383 slots and 19 table games including baccarat,​ roulette,​ nine tables of​ poker,​ and eight of​ blackjack.

In addition,​ Macau casinos include the​ Fortuna in​ the​ Hotel Fortuna,​ conveniently located within walking distance of​ the​ shopping and business districts,​ and the​ Casino Golden Dragon. Located on​ the​ 2nd and 3rd floors of​ the​ popular Hotel Golden Dragon,​ it​ has 72,​600 square feet of​ lively,​ carnival-like atmosphere. the​ décor of​ the​ Golden Dragon is​ based upon festivals from Europe,​ China,​ America,​ and Latin America,​ including a​ Spanish fire lighting display on​ the​ ceiling of​ the​ main gambling floor. Six of​ the​ VIP rooms feature the​ Trinidad carnival,​ the​ Venice mask festival,​ 19th century Paris,​ Mardi Gras,​ the​ Carnivale de Rio de Janeiro,​ and Chinese dragon dancing. the​ Casino Golden Dragon,​ with 85 gaming tables (15 for VIPs),​ 3-card poker,​ baccarat,​ sic bo,​ and blackjack,​ and 137 slots is​ filled with fun and excitement.

For a​ time,​ Macau casinos,​ for the​ most part,​ did not have the​ glitz and glamor of​ Vegas or​ Atlantic City,​ but with the​ influx of​ foreign investors that too is​ changing.

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