M A For Insurance A Signal Of International Growth

M A For Insurance A Signal Of International Growth

M & a​ for Insurance: a​ Signal of​ International Growth?
In a​ recent report released by KPMG,​ the​ key findings for the​ expected insurance industry are recapped below .​
The international insurance market is​ expected to​ see good or​ very good growth over the​ next three years,​ and global consolidation is​ expected to​ accelerate over those same three years.
Asian countries are expected to​ see the​ most growth; however,​ merger and acquisition are not expected to​ play a​ major part in​ the​ growth.
The national and foreign regulations that affect insurance are not expected to​ be a​ barrier to​ acquisition activity.
Acquisition strategies incorporated over the​ last three years were driven mainly by increasing profit and top line growth,​ and larger insurance companies are generally expected to​ be the​ more acquisitive.
Almost three-fourths of​ Asian-Pacific respondents stated that organic growth was more important than growth by acquisition; this is​ in​ direct contrast with the​ almost two-thirds of​ the​ European and US respondents looking to​ M&A for growth opportunity.

The report found that in​ the​ U.K.,​ as​ well as​ the​ U.S .​
market,​ there was an​ oversupply of​ providers,​ and that this fact alone has lead to​ the​ M&A growth in​ the​ insurance market .​
As the​ developed countries insurance markets mature,​ there is​ an​ increased tendency toward merger and acquisition for growth opportunity; this is​ in​ direct contrast with developing countries that are still looking toward organic growth opportunity to​ increase their bottom line.

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