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Statistics show that the​ primary concern of​ most web hosting seekers out there is​ the​ cost of​ the​ web hosting. the​ price tag is​ what most people is​ concerned about. in​ reality the​ price of​ the​ hosting package is​ only half the​ worry. the​ other half is​ a​ plethora of​ options and​ services, features and​ offers that not only confuse a​ beginner mind but also mislead them with numerous technicalities. Choosing the​ best web hosting is​ a​ perfect balance of​ required features and​ the​ right price. in​ this article I am going to​ guide you through the​ process of​ choosing the​ cheapest but also the​ best web hosting service you possibly can. Like I mentioned before, there is​ a​ very thin line between choosing a​ great web host or​ a​ demon from hell. Believe me just as​ a​ great web hosting can be the​ most pleasant and​ rewarding experience, a​ bad web hosting service could be a​ nightmare you just won’t be able to​ wake up from. in​ this article I am going to​ share the​ knowledge and​ experience that I gained over the​ years and​ the​ mistakes that I made, so you don’t have to​ go through it​ all.

The first step in​ choosing the​ best, low cost web host is​ the​ acquisition of​ as​ much knowledge and​ information about the​ general topic of​ web hosting as​ you possibly can. This information and​ knowledge is​ going to​ be your best friend in​ the​ journey towards finding the​ best and​ cheapest web host out there. When you thoroughly know and​ understand all the​ web hosting concepts and​ terms, only then you would be able to​ decide your requirements and​ the​ options and​ features you need for​ your web site.

Do not jump at​ the​ sight of​ a​ $2 per month web hosting service and​ sign up with your eyes closed. Believe me I did it​ and​ it​ was a​ hellish experience. Be realistic, web hosts so cheap can never hope to​ provide good, let alone best, service. These web hosts are often down, do not offer quality customer support, are very slow and​ may have outdated software which can compromise the​ integrity and​ security of​ your web site.

Trim your fat. Do not get hosting packages with features you do not require or​ have no idea what they are. Do not get features simply because you have heard a​ lot about them and​ you think having them in​ your hosting package is​ professional or​ cool or​ important. Know what you need and​ only get that. it​ saves a​ lot of​ money. in​ the​ beginning, for​ my first 4-5 pages website, I got hosting packages that included databases, email forwarding, CGI, a​ large web space, high bandwidth, additional scripts and​ programs and​ a​ lot of​ other unnecessary elements that I had no idea what to​ do with, and​ only because I thought I might need them for​ my website some time later. Do not do that, whenever your needs increase your available resources or​ options or​ features, almost all web hosts offer the​ option of​ upgrading your existing web hosting account to​ include the​ newer elements that you now require.

Do not consider yourself a​ customer who is​ bound to​ have a​ bad experience only because you are in​ search of​ low cost or​ cheap web hosting. So, expect to​ have great web hosting support even when you are paying small bucks, all customers are to​ be treated the​ same way, so if​ a​ web host has good technical support, it​ is​ good for​ everyone, or​ is​ supposed to​ be. So do not be shy to​ contact them and​ talk to​ them as​ many times as​ you would want. Ask them questions about all your concerns and​ doubts, and​ keep asking until you are not truly satisfied. as​ a​ customer you are eligible for​ best technical support, so make sure it​ is​ available before you make a​ hosting decision.

Go for​ shared web hosting. Shared web hosting is​ the​ common preference of​ most web hosting buyers. Shared web hosting not only takes your web hosting costs to​ a​ considerable low level, it​ also is​ a​ great choice in​ terms of​ support and​ less technicalities. Shared hosting is​ pre-configured and​ good to​ go, while the​ other type of​ web hosting available; the​ Dedicated hosting, is​ not only expensive but also is​ a​ whole lot more technical. When cheap web hosting is​ your preference, there is​ no better option than the​ shared web hosting.

Keep searching for​ a​ good and​ really cheap web host, because I know that they do exist. So you might be thinking right now, hey if​ you know all that and​ you know any good and​ cheap web hosts, why don’t you tell us?, That is​ because everyone’s definition of​ cheap is​ different with respect to​ the​ features they require, e.g. I might think that for​ me cheap web hosting is​ $0.5 per month and​ if​ I tell you a​ web host that is​ cheap by my standard and​ offer web hosting for​ $0.5 per month, you might say dude I asked for​ cheap, not a​ scam. So everyone’s idea of​ cheap is​ different, so would your be. But keep looking, and​ you might someday find the​ best, cheapest web host out there.

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