Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

There are may franchise opportunities for people with small budgets. a​ low cost franchise does not necessarily mean a​ business with low income potential. Trawling through the franchise market, I have discovered that some of​ the best franchises only need a​ small initial outlay.

In some cases it​ is​ possible to​ recover the entire franchise fee in​ the first year of​ trading. With many of​ these businesses, you do not need any premises as​ you can work from home. This greatly reduces overheads and enables you to​ reach profitability very quickly.

Another very important benefit of​ low cost franchises is​ that some of​ them can be run full time or​ part time. This is​ ideal for people who do not have large monthly outlays and only require a​ small income to​ supplement their existing business. Just be very careful when analysing any new business opportunity. if​ you can not see a​ market for the product then it​ probably does not exist!

One low cost franchise opportunity specialises in​ cleaning carpets. They use extra powerful industrial vacuum cleaners to​ remove 80 percent of​ the dirt and dust in​ carpets before applying specialist chemicals which dissolves most of​ the oily and greasy particles that still remain. Their specialist equipment then removes almost all of​ the fluids used in​ the cleaning process. This means that your carpet is​ bone dry within a​ couple of​ hours.

Householders benefit because they get their carpets cleaned to​ a​ high professional standard at​ a​ reasonable cost. This then leads to​ repeat business possibly every couple of​ years for the franchisee and his reputation spreads quickly by word of​ mouth. The franchisee also benefits from professionally created marketing material including leaflets and business cards.

This business also benefits from positive cash flow as​ the franchisee gets paid for his work on completion and he receives generous term from his suppliers for his cleaning materials. The ideal franchisee for this company is​ a​ person who is​ still relatively strong and does not mind the hard physical work involved.

Another franchise for people with low budgets specialise in​ bringing single people together. Again this business can be managed from home. The franchisee has to​ follow a​ predefined local marketing programme that generates enquiries. This is​ then followed by a​ professional consultation so that a​ suitable match can be found.

This franchise requires people who have decent communication skills and are very presentable. This business is​ ideal for people who sincerely like to​ help other people and do not mind networking. The one downfall of​ this business is​ that if​ you do your job properly then you will not get any repeat business although you might get referrals!

Another interesting business opportunity is​ providing asset finance (lease & hire purchase) to​ local businesses. Again you do not need expensive premises (and can possibly work from home) but an​ aptitude for basic arithmetic definitively helps. if​ you already have many business contacts then this might be right up your street!
This business targets a​ very specific niche in​ business and has well proven marketing strategies to​ help you identify your most lucrative clients. The best factor in​ this business is​ that you can generate a​ lot of​ repeat business with the same client and if​ the business is​ handled correctly then most of​ your new clients will be generated by referrals.

In this type of​ business you will most definitely have to​ be prepared to​ learn new skills and some cold calling is​ required. From the point of​ initial contact to​ actually generating new business might take months and in​ some cases years. Patience is​ a​ virtue in​ this business.

My advice to​ anyone thinking of​ buying a​ franchise is:

Do not just think about the earning potential.
Find a​ business that suits your personality and lifestyle.
Always take professional advice before embarking on a​ new business.
Be prepared to​ "go back to​ school" and learn new skills.

In short, if​ you have a​ small budget, are prepared to​ learn new skills and choose the right niche, then one of​ these opportunities could work for you.

Low Cost Franchise Opportunities

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