Los Angeles Kitchen Remodeling Low Cost Ideas

Los Angeles Kitchen Remodeling Low Cost Ideas

There could be a​ number of​ reasons why you might be considering remodeling your kitchen. Maybe you’re a​ new home owner looking to​ get started on the “fixer-upper” house you just bought. Maybe you’ve been in​ the same house for twenty years and are simply looking to​ add a​ little variety and spice to​ your current dwelling. Whatever the reason, you probably don’t want to​ blow your life savings making sure your cabinets match your stove. Luckily, it​ is​ possible to​ get the look and feel you want without breaking the bank. Proper research, innovative design techniques and, most importantly, simple do-it-yourself projects can help turn your kitchen area from dishware disaster into flat-wear fabulous.

In order to​ rediscover your kitchen’s inherent style and beauty and stay within your budget, it​ is​ important to​ start with a​ cost effective, proven remodeling plan. Do your research – what types of​ remodeling plans can you find online or​ in​ specialty magazines? How much work will you do yourself? How much will you hire a​ contractor to​ work on? Are you hiring a​ designer? a​ finishing carpenter? a​ plumber? Electrician? Getting involved in​ a​ remodeling project without answers to​ these and similar questions can leave you frustrated and up to​ your eyeballs in​ unexpected side projects and expenses.

One of​ the best (and most fun) ways to​ cut remodeling costs is​ to​ choose a​ few smaller projects that you feel comfortable handling yourself. Cabinets, lighting fixtures and accessories are fairly simple, fun projects that don’t require a​ background in​ carpentry or​ construction. Do you really need to​ buy brand new cabinets? Perhaps all your current cabinets need is​ a​ good sanding and refinishing. Painting or​ staining freshly sanded cabinets can take years off their look, especially if​ you add new handles or​ other accessories. if​ your cabinets are too old or​ too damaged to​ be salvaged, look for replacement cabinets that will fit with your planned design scheme. New cabinets do not have to​ be a​ large expense. Look for wholesalers that can get you the latest cabinet styles at​ a​ lower cost or​ join a​ manufacturer buying group like Direct Buy to​ get direct access to​ products at​ the manufacturer’s price.

Another do-it-yourself, money saving project is​ painting. Before you pick a​ color scheme, consider how your kitchen relates to​ the rest of​ your home. Does the paint need to​ match what’s on your living room walls, or​ would it​ look better as​ a​ stark contrast? Would the kitchen look and feel better with warm, cozy reds and yellows or​ cool, sophisticated blues? Do you need to​ paint the whole kitchen or​ simply add a​ few fresh accents here and there? a​ few coats of​ a​ new color can dramatically change the newly remodeled kitchen area, and being creative with color combinations is​ an​ easy way to​ personalize your project. But be careful – like any aspect of​ your remodeling project, a​ hastily made decision can come around to​ bite you once the project is​ finished.

Lighting installation should be saved for qualified professionals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t design your lighting scheme yourself. Choose a​ lighting design that will match your kitchen’s layout and color scheme. Under-cabinet fluorescents and rope lights can add a​ romantic, ambient glow, but they might not offer enough light if​ you’ve chosen a​ dark blue, black or​ green color scheme. On the other hand, powerful overhead or​ spotlights might be overkill if​ you’ve chosen bright yellows or​ whites. Creating your own lighting scheme and buying your lighting fixtures and lamps directly from a​ local lighting wholesaler can save you money on a​ designer as​ well as​ make you feel even that much more involved in​ your remodeling process.

Of course, you probably won’t be able to​ handle every part of​ the remodeling process yourself. a​ good contractor can help you decide which parts of​ your kitchen should definitely be repaired or​ replaced and which can be simply touched up. Get bids from a​ number of​ contractors, remembering that while price is​ an​ important factor it​ shouldn’t be the only thing you consider. Make sure your contractor has a​ current license, proof of​ insurance, verifiable references and a​ list of​ suppliers. You should also pick someone that you feel comfortable working with. You’ll be spending a​ good deal of​ time with this person; choosing someone you don’t get along with will make your entire remodeling process a​ miserable one.

Remodeling your kitchen is​ a​ big endeavor. it​ can be frustrating and expensive, and the end product might not be what you had imagined in​ the beginning of​ the process. However, with just a​ little planning, patience and do-it-yourself know-how, it​ can be an​ exciting and cost-effective adventure.

~ Ben Anton, 2008

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