Looking For Enuresis Information Find Out About The Enuresis Alarm

Looking For Enuresis Information Find Out About The Enuresis Alarm

Enuresis is​ the term that doctors use when they are talking about bedwetting. Bedwetting that occurs during the night is​ called nocturnal and this conditions affects people of​ all ages. it​ is​ quite common for young children to​ wet the bed during the night but it​ becomes a​ source of​ alarm for parents who have teenagers with enuresis. in​ addition, the teenagers themselves are embarrassed and don’t want anyone to​ know about it. Adults too are embarrassed by bedwetting and try all sorts of​ treatments to​ help reduce the occurrences.

Once a​ medical condition as​ the cause of​ nocturnal enuresis has been ruled out, then it​ is​ time to​ start trying various methods of​ treatment for enuresis. One of​ these is​ the enuresis alarm, which will wake up the person wearing it​ at​ the first sign of​ moisture. There are various kinds of​ these alarms and at​ varying prices. They also differ in​ the sound of​ the alarm they emit to​ wake a​ child or​ an​ adult out of​ a​ deep sleep. For children, there are alarms to​ help reduce the number of​ nocturnal bedwetting occurrences with funny sounds and blinking lights, which really makes them attractive.

Using an​ enuresis alarm is​ a​ form of​ behavior modification. in​ most cases of​ children and teenagers who wet the bed, they have not learned how to​ sense the body’s signals that the bladder is​ full. The nocturnal behavior needs to​ be modified so that they will learn to​ wake up on their own. Once a​ child or​ an​ adult wears the alarm for a​ period of​ time, he/she will get used to​ waking up at​ a​ certain time to​ go to​ the bathroom. This is​ one way of​ reducing the episodes of​ nocturnal enuresis. it​ has been proven that these alarms do work to​ reduce enuresis within a​ few weeks.

When you are buying an​ enuresis alarm, there are some factors that you need to​ keep in​ mind. it​ must be comfortable for the child to​ wear. if​ it​ isn’t, it​ probably won’t have any effect on the nocturnal enuresis because nine times out of​ ten the child takes it​ off when he/she goes to​ bed. it​ also has to​ be set to​ the right moisture sensitivity so that a​ child with enuresis will have enough time to​ make it​ to​ the bathroom once the alarm wakes him/her. at​ the same time, you don’t want to​ have the alarm too sensitive because perspiration may set it​ off.

An enuresis alarm must be easy for the child to​ reset when he/she goes back to​ bed without having to​ wake you up to​ reset it. if​ not the child could wet the bed after that and still feel guilty about the enuresis. There are alarms of​ this nature that the parent can reset by means of​ remote control from the bedroom, but this also means you have to​ wake up when the child goes to​ the bathroom. Chances are, though, that if​ you have a​ child with enuresis and he/she wakes up to​ go to​ the bathroom, it​ will be a​ cause for celebration and everyone in​ the house will be up.

Looking For Enuresis Information Find Out About The Enuresis Alarm

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