Look What He Did Just Look Spirituality Information

Look What He Did Just Look Spirituality Information

Yesterday was a​ fine day, a​ really great day, at​ least, the start of​ it. as​ is​ my usual routine, I started the morning writing, then making phone calls. Next, I checked email. There were many-- several from readers of​ my books. Some took the time to​ express thanks and wanted to​ know what other books I had written. They spoke of​ life-changing insights; they thanked me for providing them the opportunity to​ read my works. They wanted more. I felt good, really good.

It got better. By lunchtime, there were a​ number of​ orders for my "PowerPause" system. The ordering system worked perfectly; I was hearing from excited affiliates who were excited. The positive feedback on my products was encouraging and rewarding. I leaned back in​ my chair and smiled. Yes, things were working; life was good.

And then it​ happened. I checked my email once more before quitting for the day. There, buried among all the wonderful notes was a​ short email from someone who had purchased a​ "PowerPause" kit the week before. it​ said something to​ the effect that he wanted a​ refund and wanted it​ right away. "Your 'PowerPause' is​ not for me," he continued. "It did nothing for me. I know all the things you talked about. I've read them before and am way beyond such simple stuff. Just give me back my money."

I stared in​ disbelief at​ the email on the monitor. I printed it​ out and read it​ again. a​ sad feeling came over me. All kinds of​ thoughts flowed through my mind. For a​ moment, I thought, how could he NOT like my product? After all, thousands of​ people have benefited from it. Why couldn't he understand? Did he need to​ be so insulting? Look what he did; just look what he did to​ me.

Had this been a​ few years ago, the next few hours would have been quite unpleasant. I would have just focused on this one, unfortunate event. I would have ruined my entire evening by allowing thoughts of​ rejection to​ possess me. Rejection, at​ any level, is​ unpleasant.

But I have learned over the years that events of​ this nature were not a​ rejection of​ who I am and what I do. That customer really didn't do anything to​ me. He just did what he did because it​ was his nature to​ do so. He had every right to​ do what he did. Didn't I offer an​ unconditional guarantee? Didn't I specifically state, on my website, that if​ someone didn't find the "PowerPause" useful, I'd refund the money, no questions asked? Why should I be upset if​ one person took advantage of​ my offer?

In business, as​ in​ other areas of​ our lives, we oftentimes face rejection. it​ becomes much easier to​ deal with if​ we remember that we are not rejected because of​ who we are but because of​ who the other person is. if​ we understand this, and if​ we do not personalize it, life would be much calmer, more peaceful and certainly more productive.

Author, Richard Bach had already written a​ number of​ books when he sent his new manuscript to​ a​ major publisher. it​ was promptly rejected with a​ note attached as​ to​ its quality. But he kept on keeping on, and seventeen or​ eighteen rejections later, his manuscript was finally accepted by Macmillan. it​ was Richard's positive way of​ looking at​ life that made him keep on. I am sure that rejection bothered him a​ bit. But the publication of​ "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" resulted in​ Richard Bach gracing the cover of​ Time magazine. And from what I've heard, his meaningful books have touched the hearts of​ millions of​ readers.

Yes, rejection is​ tough. it​ doesn't matter whether the rejection comes from a​ customer, a​ business associate, a​ friend, husband, wife, lover, customer or​ a​ total stranger, it​ still hurts. if​ we possess any sensitivity at​ all. it's natural for us to​ feel bad. The trick is​ not to​ mind too much, not to​ focus all our energy and time on saying, "Look what they did, just look what they did to​ me."

Just remember, there's no one else on earth with your talents and your abilities. No one else can do what you do. You are unique, a​ special person-- someone whose hopes and dreams span eternity itself. Don't let rejection bring you down. Just interpret it​ slightly differently from the way you're accustomed to​ and you'll find that your journey through life becomes much more pleasant.

Look What He Did Just Look Spirituality Information

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