Look To Car Auctions For A Great Deal

Look To Car Auctions For A Great Deal

Planning to​ buy a​ car from an​ auction place? Be very careful while making your decision about buying the​ car from an​ auction place. There are various ways you can purchase the​ car from an​ auction place. You must be aware of​ public auction. There are other ways available too. Let us try to​ understand various types of​ car auctions available to​ you.

Wholesale and​ Manheim Car Auctions - this car auction is​ not for​ you. Wholesale or​ Manheim car auctions are meant for​ auto dealers, the​ licensed ones. Common man like you and​ me can't even attend this auction.
Salvage auctions - again, not meant for​ common public. These cars are in​ such a​ poor state that a​ mechanic or​ a​ pro in​ the​ industry can only dare buy cars from such auctions. Don't ever think of​ bidding for​ a​ car in​ salvage car auction unless you are a​ pro in​ the​ same trade.

Government or​ Police car auction - here the​ cars for​ sale are those which have been discarded by the​ government agencies or​ those which have been confiscated by the​ police. General perception is​ that one can get a​ car at​ a​ lower price in​ such auction. You may be grossly wrong. First, the​ cars may be in​ such a​ horrible state that you may need lot of​ money to​ restore its original condition. Secondly, you may never know about the​ history of​ the​ car. Ensure that you have run through Carfax history report for​ the​ same. Last thing to​ remember - you may have to​ shell out commission to​ the​ auction agency over and​ above the​ bid price. Always keep almost 15-20% extra money ready than your bid amount

Online auctions - relatively a​ new concept in​ car auction. This concept caught up with the​ advent of​ internet, and​ caught fire through ebay motors, their car auction site. Online car auction offers the​ convenience of​ buying the​ animal from the​ sitting comforts of​ your home. However, don't get carried away by the​ claims and​ other bids for​ the​ car. it​ may be a​ frame work by other bidders. Problems with online car auctions lies with the​ fact that you have to​ bid for​ the​ vehicle you haven't seen. it​ is​ always better to​ run a​ price check in​ the​ local market for​ a​ similar car model.

If you still decide to​ enter into any of​ the​ auction processes through any of​ these, look for​ history report and​ VIN for​ the​ car in​ question.

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