Look For 1 Hour Support Guarantee While Choosing Your Web Hosting

Look For 1 Hour Support Guarantee While Choosing Your Web Hosting Company

There are many of​ us who choose web hosting services for​ their website based on a​ number of​ factors like price, web space provided, server uptime etc. Honestly any web hosting package which provides about 5 GB of​ web space under US $20 per month is​ fine to​ me. and​ of​ course most web hosting companies will tell you that they provide 99.9% uptime which honestly is​ not lived up to​ by 90% of​ the​ companies out there. Any technical person can tell you that there are large numbers of​ issues that creep up while running a​ web hosting service which makes it​ very difficult to​ actually provide 99% uptime.

For me, the​ single most important aspect of​ a​ web hosting service is​ its support and​ what kind of​ guarantee they give on their technical and​ customer support. Things can go wrong in​ any service, but how fast you rectify it​ is​ the​ most important thing. and​ not just that, website owners have different technical levels. Some might need help for​ the​ most basic features while some would require more complex support for​ the​ databases, scripts etc.

A good web hosting company would always provide 1 hour support guarantee to​ you for​ your queries. Even if​ a​ query is​ complex and​ the​ support staff needs to​ consult their administrators, programmers etc, it​ is​ always nice for​ a​ customer to​ be updated of​ what is​ going on and​ whether they can solve it​ immediately or​ after consultation with various people working in​ the​ web hosting company.

It can be very irritating for​ you if​ have opened a​ support ticket and​ next thing you know its been hours or​ even days before anyone has bothered to​ respond to​ you and​ all you have got is​ an​ automated response. Obviously once you open a​ support ticket, you do get an​ automated response saying your query has been received but I always look out for​ in​ how much time do I receive the​ second automated response telling me a​ member of​ the​ support staff has checked your query and​ replied to​ it. That shows the​ competence level of​ the​ web hosting company and​ how much they actually care about their customers.

In conclusion, whether you are looking for​ a​ web hosting service for​ your new website or​ are looking to​ transfer web hosts, make sure you check whether the​ service offers a​ 1 hour support guarantee on their website. Don’t be fooled with offers of​ web space, email accounts or​ even uptime guarantees. It’s the​ support that will make the​ big difference in​ your web hosting experience.

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