Long Flights Survival Tips

Long Flights Survival Tips

Everyone, at​ one point or​ the​ other, starts disliking flights, when we were kids it​ was so much fun, but now it​ looks like the​ worst few hours we can spend, and​ on long flights it​ is​ almost a​ catastrophic, spending hours in​ that very small space, and​ without much free movement or​ quality breathing air can make some people really edgy. There are a​ few things besides the​ lake of​ fresh air and​ space for​ your feet in​ most flights, and​ this is​ what makes most of​ us dislike flying long hours.

However there are a​ few things that you can do to​ try and​ combat these long hour flights, and​ the​ boredom that comes with them, as​ well as​ take care of​ yourself while flying, here are a​ few things we thought can help.

On flight

If you are scheduled to​ fly for​ 4 hours or​ more, you probably be thinking of​ the​ things to​ do to​ kill time while on flight. Remember the​ following…

Bring pocket books. This will keep you busy while flying and​ the​ best way to​ kill the​ time. an​ MP3 player and​ a​ portable game console are also good. These things are helpful in​ case you do not want to​ watch or​ could not see the​ movie shown on the​ screen.

Exercise. Sitting on the​ plane for​ several hours would prevent your blood to​ circulate properly. Walk for​ at​ least 5 minutes every 2 hours during the​ flight. Shake your legs, bend your knees, and​ move.

Target the​ seat at​ the​ aisles. This will prevent you from disturbing your neighbor sleeping if​ you want to​ get up and​ take a​ walk or​ go to​ the​ lavatory. an​ aisle seat would also give you more legroom to​ stretch. Try to​ avoid a​ window seat; you would only see clouds and​ skies for​ most of​ the​ time.

Seats at​ the​ exit doors are the​ most comfortable place to​ be if​ you want all the​ legroom. On most airlines, these seats are reserved for​ disabled persons and​ are not available on pre-booking but can be requested when checking-in.

Drink plenty of​ water. Long flights can dehydrate you. Flight attendants will normally offer you water or​ juice in​ between flight meals. Go easy with caffeine and​ alcohol.

When the​ plane is​ descending, blow your nose while pinching it​ closed with your thumb and​ index fingers to​ help remove the​ ear pressure. Yawning and​ swallowing could help too.

And finally, do not rush to​ the​ door once your plane has landed simply to​ get out first. Relax and​ do not join the​ rushing crowd. There is​ no reason for​ doing this since you have wait for​ your checked-in baggage outside.

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