London Web Design

London Web Design

London Web Design
London is​ a​ great place to​ live and​ work .​
Being the​ capital of​ England there are many businesses thriving in​ the​ area and​ all competing for​ your business .​
More and​ more businesses are realising the​ real benefits from having a​ professional website on the​ internet .​
There are so many web designers these days it​ can be daunting choosing the​ one right for​ you .​
If you live in​ the​ London or​ surrounding areas and​ have a​ business and​ are thinking having a​ website designed for​ your company then you need think about a​ few important factors:
Do you have a​ domain name?
Do you need hosting?
So you need a​ web designer
Do you need an​ ecommerce website with a​ shopping trolley to​ sell products?
Will you need to​ update your site yourself in​ the​ future or​ do you have enough website design knowledge to​ do this yourself?
Well if​ you need all of​ these then it​ is​ a​ lot easier if​ you can find a​ company that can do everything for​ you .​
There are some companies that can sell you the​ domain names as​ well as​ the​ hosting, design your site and​ even offer search optimization solutions .​
Dealing with the​ same company for​ your domain name, hosting, email, and​ web design makes the​ whole process a​ lot easier .​
For one you only need one contact telephone number .​
a​ company with good customer support is​ a​ must .​
Not all companies offer this and​ this and​ it​ can be very frustrating .​
You want to​ know that if​ you have any trouble you can just call for​ customer support or​ technical support.
The company doesn’t have to​ be London based so it​ is​ worth finding the​ best company that suits your needs .​
As anyone who knows anything about computers, it​ makes no difference where you website is​ hosted it​ only matters that the​ people or​ company in​ charge of​ it​ are competent.
So how can you tell if​ a​ site is​ designed well? Well if​ it​ is​ performing well, as​ in​ coming up in​ search engines it​ is​ certainly doing something right .​
For a​ good design your site needs to​ be pleasant to​ the​ eye without any bright flashing coloured text .​
If the​ site loads quickly then this is​ a​ good sign, you will loose a​ great deal of​ customers if​ your pages take over 5 seconds to​ load .​
An experienced web designer will know what works and​ what doesn’t and​ should advice you before going ahead with any design .​
If you want your site to​ be search engine friendly then a​ good company should be able to​ design your site around some key search terms so as​ to​ make it​ perform better in​ the​ search engines.
Another must is​ the​ ongoing work you might need to​ maintain your website .​
Or maybe you have a​ great website that is​ not showing up well on some keywords .​
Search engine optimisation is​ big business and​ a​ lot of​ companies claim they can offer this but as​ there are no guarantees it’s hard to​ know the​ cowboys from the​ professionals .​
Lots of​ companies in​ London start up and​ then in​ a​ year or​ two fail and​ you are left to​ sort out your site .​
You need to​ find a​ company that has been around for​ some time and​ has a​ proven track record .​
Any professional SEO (Search engine optimizer) will know that it​ can take months of​ hard work to​ achieve really great results, and​ they should be able to​ prove that they can do it, ie .​
if​ they put a​ search term in​ Google and​ their site comes up first .​
So finding a​ company that has built it​ self up from nothing and​ is​ still thriving on the​ net today is​ one to​ go for.
So what are you waiting for, branch out of​ the​ net, get a​ website designed professionally and​ optimized and​ then enjoy all the​ benefits from the​ extra income.

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